Sunday, May 16, 2004

Bryan Day One

There's nothing more hateful, than killing a child. Today I covered the murder of 11 year old Bryan Lockley. Freaks me out that his name and mine are the same right down to the spelling.

We talked to his sister and she showed us the trail of blood that led to where the body was found. I can't imagine the pain that something like that happening to one of my family members would cause.

This wasn't the first time I covered a kid's murder. It just never gets any easier. Was it sad? Yeah, it was sad. I just hope we didn't add to the pain that the family was going through. It's pretty hard to keep focused on the job we need to do when we'd rather be somewhere else.

When I got home. I had a beer and hugged my wife and daughter. I covered the story and I hope they catch the SOB who murdered Bryan.

This is my first day out. Welcome to my world.


Richard said...

I just happened across your Web site and think it's great. It struck me that you show so much emotion in your blog but, to me, the news comes off so dry. Maybe it is the distance I, as a viewer have. Safe in my room, watching tv. The news tends to blend into another tv show. And now with all the real crime documentaries on, the line blurs even more. I think we sometimes forget that some things on TV are real.


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