Friday, May 21, 2004

Working out at LAX

Lora McLaughlin and I had all day to put together a package for the 6pm newscast on the rising fuel costs making airline ticket prices rise. It's really rare that we get a lot of time to put together a story. It was almost too much time, because I was still crashing at the end of the day to get the story edited and the live shot up and running.

It was great that we had a second man, "New Andy". We called him "New Andy" because there's another guy named Andy that we call "Andy Classic". I made that up yesterday. Lora wanted to call "Andy Classic", "Original Andy" and I thought it sounded too urban for him. He's not really an urban guy.

We did a good job and the folks at home won't ever know what I wanted to put into the edited piece that I didn't have time to do. I'll get back on here later and write about the little things that I did wrong through the day.

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