Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Just a B.E.T. kind of day

It was a good thing I was here. The plan was for me to be the backup in case the main signal failed. Guess what? The main signal failed.

The day strted easy enough. I wandered around the red carpet for a few hours this morning. Chatted with some of the guys that I only work with once or twice a year because they only work the awards shows. Got some chai tea from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Picked up my credential and then sat around like an orphan waiting for someone to claim me. The day started at 9:00am, but I didn't actully do my thing until about 12:30pm. My thing today was just park the truck, pop the satellite dish and find the bird. All of five minutes for me. Then it was sit and wait until it was time to fire up the tubes about 2:30pm. Once I was up on the bird, I had to stay at the truck. That means that all the pictures I took were taken before I fired up the dish or they were taken from the truck.


I did have to sit in the truck for almost six hours, but I managed to get out and stretch my legs every now and then. I'm happy that this was just a positive bit of entertainment and I didn't count one protest or scandal all evening. I think that's a wonderful thing considering entertainers have seemed to want to push the envelope of bad taste when it comes to their public appearances. I believe people should be free to be themselves, but I also like to think that there are boundaries and standards that encourage us to be better. Okay, enough from me.

Hey, that's Teena Marie. There, I got one.

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*st@cy* said...

teena marie? im srry but i have absolutely no idea who she is. thats pretty kool that u got 2 c all these celebrities! gosh your so lucky... i wish i got 2 b wher u were 2day!