Sunday, June 20, 2004

Miracles and Munchies

The ceremony is over, but a year ago, this was the sight of a massive train wreck. The City of Commerce decided to rename the street "Miracle Place", because not one person was hurt when the train derailed here. If I remember the story correctly, the train got loose from a switching station and was a runaway that built up speed for several miles and was headed for the downtown Union Station. The railroad company decided to derail it rather than let it crash in a more populated area. They were extremely lucky that the crash resulted in only property damage. It makes my head hurt to think of the lawsuits flying at the train company if someone had been killed as a result of an accident that was a concious decision. It was a miracle.

They also had free hotdogs.

Mmmmm, righteous indignation pacifying free hotdogs.


Hokule'a said...

Aloha Frank I am a native of So. Cal, now living on the Big Island of Hawaiii and remember seeing the wreck. I used to work in the freight biz and we always wondered what would happen should one of our trains do exactly what happened there!It was a miracle that no one was killed.
Your photos make me home sick for LA> I miss it more than I thought that I would. We came over in 2001 moving from Bellflower. Will be linking you up on my blog if you dont mind ...Look forward to seeing more of your great pix.

David said...

yeah if sombody did get killed there would have been big problems for that train company. Im Glad nobody was killed.So this happend sometime last year. i think i remeber hearing somthing about this. Well nice article u can check my blog by Clicking Here

BuRNINgCoW422 said...

wow you must have had a heck of a day u get paid to do that?