Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself

I almost forgot the big story from yesterday. Marc Coogan and I covered a press conference in San Bernadino because the West Nile virus has gotten a foothold in that area. The City will start spraying for mosquito this Friday. The folks in charge say residents don't have anything to worry about, but the guys driving the truck will be wearing protective gear.


David said...

yeah that west nile stuff is pretty bad here in Dallas Texas. We have had alot of rain this past month making pleny of mating grounds for the mosquitos. I havent heard of anybody catching the west nile virus yet.Here Check Out This Link

Lulu said...

Kinda like pilots and Flight attedants wear a 5 point harness and those silly passengers only get a lap belt.... lol

magz said...

hi! reading ya everyday... you got a great style. too bad you wanna be a city-fella, our community could sure use somebody sharp as you on their funky little weekly. the west nile news is big out here too... nobody seems too concerned about people catchin it... but there's a LOT of horses out here! the 3 currently in my yard all got stuck with the vaccine again yesterday... my vet trusts me enough to let me just pick up the shots without havin to pay for a barn call. i'm accelerating the reccomended interval for vaccine; since it's so damnned virilent out here (and it's a killed vaccine, little chance of having allergic reaction). keep up the great work, and when you're ready for a vacation you got camping space for yerself and the family at maggies farm anytime! regards, maggie baker (happy un-birthday!)