Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Community Service

Action-Wife and I went out on a date after I got home from work last Sunday. That's her weekend and I usually like to take her out for dinner, a movie, drinks, something, anything! She teaches middle-school and brother, let me tell you, I feel like I'm doing the students a great service by helping her decompress at the end of her week. I've talked to people at the post-office. Seriously, they worry about someone coming in and going all "middle-school teacher".


Richie said...

Hello Bryan. Great pic with you and your sweetheart. Some of your posts are funny. If you can remeber that pic of the guy with the orange looking hair--his name is "Elephant Man". He is a Jamaican singer. You can check out my posts if you like. My userr thingy is "hughjm". Richard

Joy said...

Hi Frank,
Great blog! Very nice stuff.

karria said...

A beautifull photo for a beautifull couple. I really enjoy reading your blogs ....thank you

bii said...

Cool pix, nice blog. Thanks for the lift.

Mohan said...

Hi Frank,

I liked your blog..
Its nice..n real 'frank'..
Its always a pleasure to work what u love...

All The Best...


beFrank said...

There is no other woman who could be more perfect for me. We've had our share of ups and downs, but you're right. She is my sweetheart and nothing would make me happier than just living the rest of my life in the pleasure of her company.

If I started another blog it would have to be about the thrill I get when I hear her voice, the bad poetry I write to her (words will never be enough), and just how much I ache when she's not near.

Life isn't perfect, we're certainly not, but we have made a life for ourselves that we both love.

Do I feel goofy writing this stuff sometimes? Yes. Do I care? Nope.

Shannon said...

You're too sweet! The real community service would be to make your blog mandatory reading for all the young men in the country who do not know how to treat a lady or appreciate her. I assure you that every young lady in the country would be very grateful!

Were you always like this, or is it something you've developed with age? I guess loving the right person makes it that much easier too.

beFrank said...

I've never been this romantic with anyone else and I've always considered myself a work in progress. I think, to my credit, I may have had one or two prior relationships that didn't end with a restraining order and/or gunfire.

If any of my ex-girlfriends are reading this. I apologize for the pain I caused, I didn't know any better at the time. Also, we both know who stole the money out of my desk, don't we? Bitter? Me? Nooooo.

Action-Wife and I are having fun sharing the good stuff in our life. We haven't talked about it much, but I think she feels the same as me in that we're not hanging out the dirty laundry. We've always been very open and expressive about our affection for each other. If other people are inspired by our feelings for each other, then that's great. We just don't want to make it seem like we have this perfect life with no problems.

It's never the size of your problems, it's how you deal with them. We both have learned that the hard way.

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