Saturday, July 17, 2004

Fire Season? Nope, Try Political Season

This was the Kerry/Edwards dinner and rally at the Universal Hilton right next to Universal Studios. Details to follow later today. Edwards made the appearance.


U said...

Hi Sir
I am totally new to the world of blogging. But as i have started i simply love it. read your blog. Really liked it. The pics were fabulous. Yours was the first blog i read so i thought to post a comment.
Keep up the good work.

Jack's Shack said...

One of these days I'd be curious to hear these guys speak in person. Kerry just comes across so poorly, I am curious to what he is like in person.

This election makes me want to scream. Do I want to vote for a smug monkey or the wooden Lurch wannabe. Bad and bad. I am not inspired.

Lisa said...

I think Kerry (and Kerry's wife) sound like they are in love with John Edwards. Kerry's wife said Edwards is "beautiful". I think they are planning some strange soiree or something, myself.

Love your blog! Lisa

Rajeshwar said...
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