Friday, July 23, 2004

The Pen or the Sword

I'm still groggy from being woke up by calls settling the last details for tomorrow. I've had a bite to eat in the hotel bistro (hot wings and a seafood pasta dish) and I'm in for the night.

Action-Wife is missing me at home. We just got off the phone talking about the hundred and one things we've missed in the run of the day we've been apart. It's nice to know we still enjoy talking on the phone to each other. That's one of the things married couples often lose after spending so many years together.

My day tomorrow is going to be longer than I thought. I have to be up at 5:30am so I can pick up my press credential and be on base by 8:00am. I'll help out the morning crew and take over the SAT truck near noon.

I've got the weekend off after I get back to Los Angeles. Action-Wife and Action-Kid will probably go see a movie with me, but I don't really care so much what we do. It'll be nice to just be home again. It was just a short trip, but I've been working a lot of long days recently and spending way too much time in traffic.

I'll have a couple of pictures tomorrow of the Reagan aircraft carrier. The kid in me thinks those big boats are pretty darned impressive. I'm thankful for having the military, but I don't think people make the connection when they see those boats. I find it a little sad that so much of our efforts as a country have to go into means of destruction. That might not be the best way to look at it. I just know the world I'd like to live in wouldn't need an aircraft carrier. On the other hand, as much as I hate being a hypocrite, since I live in the real world, maybe I'll take two.

On top of everything else, I forgot to order a beer with my dinner. Dang.


magz said...

mornin! and thanks fer signing... i've been told that i'm a fairly good arm-twister. alas, i did not forget the beer yesterday,which leads me to conclude that my arm-twisting may have been a bit....say, pushy. But thanks, and have a great weekend! Your family campsite has been reserved in Az with warm (hose) and cool (rain) water, electricity (extension cord) and hot and cold blooded bugs and assorted reptiles.

HealthyChick said...

How are you doing? Hope your day wasn't as busy as you thought it would be. I was wondering how you got your picture to post in the right hand corner of the screen? Thanks so much for your help.


Soma said...

hi! was just going thorugh the blogs till i read yours. interesting and gripping- a life unknown and yet desired. its truly amazing juggling work with life. hope to read more on ur site. good luck!

joyce said...

befrank i have to comments #1 i thought it was very nice what you said about your wife and yall still enjoyed talking after so many years that was sweet and #2 how could you forget that beer!!!!!!!!!!!! joyce

beFrank said...

HealthyChick, the picture had to be a specific size as far as I could tell. There's probably other ways to do it, but I just used the blogger built in option settings.