Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Self-portrait on the front line

Finally! I'm back on-line. After losing a lengthy post about the firefighters and the job they do, I'm finally back to full speed with no sudden drops. Of course, now the moment has passed and I don't think I could recreate the same intensity that I had when I tried to post it the first time around. Dang.


Grace said...

Firefighters are Heros.
EMTs and Paramedics are Heros.
We are blessed to have them fighting for our safety and health.

magz said...

HA! finally figured out how to do the permenent link thing here... believe me, it twern't easy! Hope ya don't mind that I linked ya... not like I got scads o readers.. but the one's I do, all appriciate you. Now, I;m fessin to plain ole curiousity.... i know yer busy, but have ya been to see my farm? Maybe AW would like ta visit, while yer so hard at werk takin pix of yerself...ha ha. (very creative snap, BTW)

magz said...

Thank you sir! Can't tell you how warm n fuzzy it made me to know that at least someone, besides direct family.. took a peek! TY, Frank family... come visit anytime!

sea0tter12 said...

Just wanted to let you know I think you've got some cool shots. I work on the other side, in print, so it's interesting to read about you broadcast people :-)

As for your earlier blog, I too am married to a middle-school teacher, and I know exactly what you mean :-)

Miss Storyteller said...

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GeigersMuse said...

Very cool (in-depth) photo, not to mention fascinating stories! I'll be sure to come back and read more!

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