Monday, August 16, 2004

Jackson, Santa Maria. . .uh, Ole'!

Sorry about the image quality. I ran out this morning and left my camera at the hotel.


Richie said...

Hey whats up A.M. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Its like a dose I have to get whenver I get the chance to come online.

I need a little assistance. I wanna know how to post a picture onto my blog. I haven't much computer sense. Can you be of assistance?

My email addy is

beFrank said...

Two words, "Picassa" and "Hello". There may be easier ways to post photos, but I don't know what they are. These are the two programs I use the most in my blogging. Heck, these are the only two I use and gosh, they're free!

Grace said...

btw- linked your blog from my flog- if that is ok
from here: