Thursday, August 26, 2004

Justitia beFriended

I just added to my blogroll a blogger who seems to post similar to mine in tone and content. I found her recent writing on civil unrest, the media, race relations and law enforcement in her area to be extremely interesting.

I can't really do her blog justice in a sentence or two when she deserves a view or two.


If you have the time, check it out.


will said...

Very impressive site. Thanks for the heads up!

Michelle said...

WOW, i am so honored to be in the company of likes of yourself Bryan. For that i thank you :)
I write mainly to help myself academically, i can never get enough practice and always have papers due with professors banging on my door!
I am basically a crusader for criminal justice,however my interests lay deep within law enforcement and the role our media play within society.
Hey, i may not be correct in my views or beliefs but am willing to take constuctive critisism on the chin and listen to others points of view; by doing so, grow as a person.
Again, i thankyou Bryan.
Also, knowing your such a keen photographer,i'm sure this site will be of much interest to you....i have had much enjoyment out of it :)

beFrank said...

The photo site looks great. I'll be looking into it further.

As for the rest. It will always be my pleasure to encourage people to listen when someone says something that should be heard. Every day I'm forced to listen to drivel coming from people who are solely invested in futhering their own agendas. It saddens me that the loudest voices often become the "voice of the people" and the people who really should be heard are drowned out.

So far, I like what you have to say. Keep talking, I'm listening.

beFrank said...
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beFrank said...
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