Monday, August 09, 2004

Last trip to Big Bear

People still ask me how I deal with the stories I have to cover. I really have to put it in perspective. If I saw someone get punched in the face, I can relate to that. I've been punched in the face. I know what that feels like. The sign here? I don't know what this feels like. I pray I'll never know. As much as I empathize with them and feel sorrow over their trauma, unless it happens to me, I will never feel the pain the family of David Gonzales is feeling.

I felt depressed and I'll feel down for some time, but this didn't happen to me. I'm thankful that I can feel sympathy for the family, some of the guys that do this are past that point. Putting it in perspective, I still have a job to do. I still have to go to work and face whatever comes my way. When I leave for work, I'll hug my family and hope they're safe while I'm gone. I'll try to keep a good thought that even after all this time, David Gonzales will turn up okay. I would encourage everyone else to do the same.


magz said...

sweetie, that's not sympathy, that's EMPATHY! thank gawd ya got yer family... hold them close, and trust God to help keep them safe. (on a lighter note, ya comin to the party i'm organizin here fer next year? I swear I'm gonna pull this off, with corporate sponsers pickin up the tab. The idea of an international blogparty is irrisistable!)

beFrank said...

I stand corrected.

I'll check with the boss, but I'm pretty sure you can count us in. (We know the way to Arizona.)

Lisa said...

What Maggie is saying reminds me of the BBS user parties they used to have in the early 80's. Freaky, man.

A more serious comment is on the post below.. Sorry for getting off-topic. I am sad about the missing boy and will continue to pray for his safe return.

Terri said...

The worst is...we may never know what happened to sweet little David Gonzales. Damn world. Sometimes it just eats you up, you know. You need to have the ability to compartmentalize this stuff when you have a job like you do. It's not easy, probably a skill you almost have to develop to survive it. Too much reality can be a very bad thing. Thanks for doing the job you do, it's appreciated by those of us you never see or rarely hear from. So, just thanks.