Sunday, August 08, 2004

Missing Boy: Day #8

I went to the campsite where the missing kid was last seen yesterday. It's open again and it was just a little bizzare to see families there as if nothing had happened. There were groups of searchers still combing the area. I like that they're being thorough. If my kid was missing, I'd want every rock and tree checked twice.

It was a long day and a longer drive than normal to get there. The drive home wasn't too bad. I was just happy to not have to over-night.

When I got home, Dellis (Action-Wife) had set a nice romantic mood for me. The candles were lit, I had a bite to eat, and we both had drinks. It was a perfectly peaceful way to end the day.

I have to get up and do it all again today.

(AW, please light the candles and pour me a drink. I'm sure I'll need it.)

Life in the woods.

Had my closest call in recent memory. I shouldn't miss liveshots (didn't, but it was close).

When I put this dish up, I should be able to find the satellite in less than two minutes if I'm in a rush. Two detours because of road construction and an accident put me in more than a rush. I won't panic because I know if the shot doesn't happen, it wasn't because I didn't know my job. We were in a remote part of the forest and the problem were the tall trees all around. I had to stow the dish and move to a spot with more open sky or we wouldn't be going on TV for the first afternoon newscast.

It was close. We were throwing up gear and making connections quickly. I found the satellite and did the fine tuning I need to do (more complicated than it might sound). We could hear the director calling for a picture and sound and we could hear the lead in show's closing credits. We go the talent in front of the camera. I fed the edited piece back to the station and we were ready to go with a minute or two to spare.

Much closer than I like, but the folks at home will never know how close.


Terri said...

How can a human just vanish off the face of the earth? I know it happens but sheesh. They never issued an Amber Alert, probably wouldn't have helped but geez I can't believe this. I heard that by this afternoon if they don't find him they are going to change the search? It's not as if driving up there and looking myself hasn't crossed my mind. I couldn't go up there and light my grill and cook a hotdog as if nothing was going on but that's just me. I'm a CASA, a Court Appointed Special Advocate and sworn officer of the court for children in Ventura Co. This has been weighing very heavy on my mind. I hope there's hope left.

beFrank said...
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beFrank said...

Anyone with a shred of decency is going to feel touched by the sadness of this incident. All we can do is speculate from the outside, because hopefully we'll never be on the inside of this type of event. There's a lot of sadness up here today and I expected that. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I would guess that the kid was abducted. For there to be no trace (no blood, no signs of a struggle, no clothing left behind), I have to assume that he was taken. That's my best guess. Again though, who really knows?

Hug your family and hold them close. That's how I manage to get through these stories.

Terri said...

I just saw on the 4:30 news where they've called off the search. I think you're right. He must have been abducted. 50 yards from his family. I wonder did they ever find the car keys? I know the car was still locked, the cookies were still in the car but I wonder, if he still has the keys? It's a nightmare. A real nightmare.

gemmak said...

I can't imagine how this situation must feel to the family, an absolute hell I would think. I certainly couldn't be on that campsite lighting a BBQ and having fun with this incident unresolved.

There is always hope while the child remains missing but sadly that hope seems to be diminishing with each passing day. My one thought is that if he has been abducted there is maybe a glimmer of hope he could still be found alive albeit his trauma may be massive. If he has suffered a physical accident that hope seems less to me after all this time. With no trace thus far it seems unlikely.