Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yes, I want to be a photographer!

For all of my fellow digital photographers. I plan to participate in an open showing of digital photography and I thought some of the people who drop by here (magz? gemmak?) might be interested also. Here's the info from a newsletter I subscribe to:

Every year for 50 years the L.A. Municipal Gallery has held its "Open Call" exhibit where any artist can show up with their art and an entry fee (to benefit gallery programs) and the piece is shown. The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art decided to launch an international experiment of the same nature where the artists upload images that are printed and hung by the gallery. The hundreds of works are displayed in a grid like installation (reminiscent of postcard art shows of the 1980's) where every work submitted is exhibited. The usual (less than democratic) selection process where only the precious few are chosen is turned on its head in a curatorial anarchy where everyone gets to participate and the viewer is literally left to be the judge. The show represents a snapshot of a current moment in art history when digital imaging has reached the hands of the many, an age where culture belongs to the "mobblogers" around the globe. From Thailand to Texas, amateur to academic, beautiful to banal and beyond the monumental quantity and variety of "Snap to Grid" becomes an aesthetic experience where each individual piece adds to an agglomerative effect that has a life of its own.

Submissions are still being accepted until September 5.

To register and upload follow this link:

I'm planning to submit two of these three.

Scooter, you've already met.

This is HarvardGirl and her sidekick, Kato (grrr, Kato).

One of my older brothers and his son at graduation.

I like these three, but $30.00 a pop is steep for me. I may have to cut it back to just one and Scooter might have a shot she'd like to submit.

(Why, yes. Yes, I am shamelessly trying to push my children to be interested in photography.)


Grace said...

first thought- wow cool, I can submit a pic from my son Hanz, he "sees" as a photographer, see fotolog, click:
but, then I read 30 bucks...not for this single mom...good luck n have fun with it anyway...and i hope the funds go to creating an exhibit n such.

beFrank said...

Yeah. I'm kind of sorry this is the first showing that I posted. There are others that charge less and I seem to remember one that was free. Those exhibits might deserve to be mentioned more, but this was just the first that I came across since I began blogging.

I get a ton of art info from ArtScene and I "beFriended" the web site. I recommend the newsletter for anyone in the LA area with an interest in art.

C. Fish said...

That looks like a wonderful opportunity. I wish I had the entry fee so my partner could enter it, perhaps if they do it annually we can enter her next year.

She does beautiful work and is starting to put her work up in a blog a little at a time on God Paints.

Good luck to you and everyone else entering!

Michelle said...

Hey Bryan,
all 3 are interesting in their own right. I like the one of "Havard girl", the colours and tones are very special :)

G. Travis said...

$30?!?! I'd rather be stalked by an emu! ;)

G. Travis said...

Woops! Wrong link.. this one works.

Buttercup said...

I like the one of Harvard girl and Kato as well. The sepia tones give it extra character. Good luck on the contest.

will said...

If you choose only one, go with the first one. My own personal fave? The third. There's some serious emotion there. It's very dynamic.

Good stuff.

beFrank said...

Thanks for the nice comments. The ArtScene thing is just an open showing of works. No contest and no prize money. Just an opportunity.

magz said...

ka-chink! (sound of lightbulb going off..) Let's promote our OWN photo contest! Winner could get anything from an attaguy/gal.. to a few hundred extra nice comments.. whatever! Only criteria I'd ask to see, is that you could only submit a photo that YOU had blogged... and i guess only bloggers could enter. I'm actually deeply serious about rattling Google's cage for the next year or so... (I WANT THAT BLOGBASH!!!!) and it couldnt hurt to keep poppin up everywhere they looked.... contest would be free of course...