Friday, September 17, 2004

Big Game Day in Santa Maria

This was the day. Not the greatest shot, but there he is.

Michael Jackson himself, walking into court this morning. I did want this shot, but it was a low priority for me. I had a couple of jobs to do to finish our equipment set-up. We'd done most of it yesterday, so we were in good shape. I got thrown the first curveball of the day when a reporter asked if I could uplink a track for her. We're always happy to help, but she needed the help now and I was 5-10 minutes away from being free enough to safely split my time.

We call it, "crashing". It's usually associated with editing a piece and getting someone on the air when there's little time before the slot in the show we're supposed to fill. I've gotten used to saying it whenever I'm pressed for time. It comes from the adrenaline rush (near panic) of hitting right up against a deadline, but not missing slot.

So, what started as a calm relaxed morning, turned into a situation where I was crashing to get my work done and help out another crew. I won't bore you with the play by play details, but with just a little help, we got the job done.

I like Starbucks, but they have a long way to go before they beat that kind of rush first thing in the morning.

Same shot, but I wanted to show more of the entourage.

Just one more. That same shot, but now you can see the kindly local law enforcement representative telling me to knock it off. Apparently I was violating the rule about taking pictures from where I was standing. Oops.


dkgoodman said...

Cool post. The reporter who wanted you to upload a track for her, was she from your station or another one? What's a track? An audio track?

Terri said...

Wait a minute. Okay, from where you were standing, you were not allowed to take a picture? That was violating a - I noticed you said "rule," not law - but, I'm confused here. Aren't you in a public place? Isn't Mr. Jackson in a public place? What law does that break? There's something about that "rule" that really bugs me. Out of curiousity, could you go there tomorrow and take a picture? Was it where you were taking the picture or what you were taking the picture of? Or, could you have taken the picture from let's say, 10 feet to the right of where you were standing?

I have an adrenaline rush job too. I'm constantly either on one side or the other and usually it's the side where I"m about to explode, burn out, crash...(well, 'crash' is a bad choice of words in aviation but you know what I mean) The problem is, for me at least, the adrenaline rush is addicting. When I try to do a job where I don't have it, for instance I took two years off to teach school - now, that has it's own 'issues' but it's not like emergency landings, missing airplanes, names coming up on the "Do Not Fly List," planes breaking - mechanical problems, stuff like when I don't have it, I'm bored. The job isn't quite "enough" for me. ON the other hand I feel many days like the pace I'm going is going to kill me one of these days (like last week when I burst blood vessels in my eyeballs)...Nope, not even a triple venti latte can match work adrenaline but as crazy as the adrenaline thing is, I can't give it up. I'm truly addicted. *sigh*

Ruby in Paradise said...

Sounds like you were busy! Mission accomplished! :)

beFrank said...

Terri- Kind of grey area. It doesn't make a lot of sense and it may not hold up in court, but they did have the right to stop me from shooting from where I was. I just wasn't aware at the time of the restriction. It was okay. I'll comment more on this, but I have to go pick up my tuxedo for the Emmy Awards. It'd be nice if I were attending and not just covering them.

Oh, and I love chili. Gotta run!

beFrank said...

dkgoodman- A track is the reporter's voice. Sort of the narration part of news story. The reporter works for Viacom (CBS' parent company). Same company, different division. I work for the CBS owned and operated (O&O) in Los Angeles.

Grace said...

he is a FLIGHT RISK if ever there was one!