Saturday, October 30, 2004

beFrank goes to Washington

Lock and load, people. I'm about to go off-roading all over the political landscape.

I'm checking out gear today and packing for my election coverage trip to Washington DC. I wasn't expecting this trip, but I am excited about going. Make no mistake about it. It's gonna be some long days this week. My only hope is that I'll have internet access from our broadcast location and I'll be able to easily update the blog. I also haven't forgotten the NaNoWriMo commitment I've made. If I stop and think about it all, I might see where insanity has taken a hand in my decision making process. Anybody wondering why I'm going?

It's just what I do. There's nothing more exciting in my job than to jump on a plane and go to an unfamiliar place and face the unknown. To somehow make sure we succeed at each complicated step in the electronic news gathering process. Through our skill (or luck) we somehow manage to send back an image on TV and make it so other people get a sense of what it's like where we are.

Those cases weigh a ton and this is just the work gear we're taking with us. Everything we might possibly need to put a couple of reporters on live TV. Keep in mind, it doesn't even include the luggage for our clothes and personal items.

It's frustrating, because I never get to travel light. My carry-on items include the news camera, my digital still camera, fanny pack, pda, cell phone, my laptop computer, pager, and a good book if I can find one. I'll be looking for the latest from Robert B. Parker.

I guess the attraction for me also includes the idea of witnessing history being made. I can't go everywhere and see everything, but on Tuesday night when the final vote is counted, I'll have as close to a front row seat as an ordinary guy like me is likely to get.

I'll take lots of pictures, because I'll never want to forget what it was like on November 2nd, 2004. . .or November 5th or December 28th. You know, whenever they settle it out this time.

Everybody, bePatriotic.


Ruby in Paradise said...

Cool! Have a safe trip. I don't know how you carry all that stuff? LOL. Keep us posted when you can and ENJOY HISTORY! =)

gemmak said...

Wow.that is some job you have there at times. The election as such doesnt particularly interest me (mostly because i don't understand it!) but to be there as it happens will be cool. Safe trip Bryan :o)

SidDawgone said...

we're glad you do what you do because we can live vicariously through it! Via con Dios, Bryan! Come back with a president!

beFrank said...

I'm gonna come back with a president and maybe even some legislation. Fire up the grill, yee-hah!