Monday, October 11, 2004

Building go BOOM!

Caught a little bit of action in Burbank. See, that building over there? The one with the smoke rising from the top. It blew up today. It blew up good.

It WAS a post production facility and I have no idea what would make the whole building go up like the 4th of July. Well, maybe some idea. . .

Suspicious??? Yeah, it is. I can't make an assumption and really, it probably was a gas leak. Every now and then, it comes as no surprise that what seems suspicious, turns out to be suspicious for a reason.

That's always frustrating in my line of work. A lot of the time, we don't get to know what happened.

It was a great story to cover. Lots of visual elements. Not an important story, it isn't going to change many lives. Just one way or another, it will change the lives of the people involved in this building.

I need to keep that in mind the next time I'm out covering the news. It also might be a good thing for people to keep in mind the next time they're watching the news.

Every story doesn't change us, but it might be a change for the people involved.


Paco said...

Mr. Frank : you ae right, sometimes we think that news don´t change nothing, but we don´t stop think about those people that get affected... well, greetings from mexico... ;D

Anonymous said...

Love the old SCTV reference, it blew up good, it blew up real good. Whooooboy!!

steve in TX

Ruby in Paradise said...

So true!

Grace said...

every butterfly wings flap, every pebble in the waters ripple

it all counts

chaos theory

have fun with it action man - and bcareful

emily said...

Wow--you are getting profound on us action-dude. Very true. To us a passing news story or stray event but to others a deep life-altering trauma.
If only people would be more careful about their frowns or cruel remarks--you never know what state of mind someone might be in and if you might push them over the edge!

C. Fish said...

One man's curiosity, one man's news story is another's tragedy. I live in an area that was barely missed by Hurricane Ivan. What are news pictures to us, and make us breathe a sigh of relief for missing the bullet, I have to remember someone else did not miss it, and those photos are of lives left broken and strewn about in the debris.

Similar things you see in your line of work every day.