Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Did you hear the one about. . .

First, let me thank everyone again for the kind words and support for Dellis (Action-Wife) as we get through the difficult and painful recovery period. Painful for her, but I fear for me because cabin fever is setting in. Any day now, I fully expect an axe to come crashing through the bathroom door and for AW to stick her head in and yell, "Here's Johnny!" with a big grin on her face.

Yeah, I tend to have too active of an imagination.

Some of you might remember, I asked everyone very nicely just a couple of weeks ago. Stop killing each other. You haven't stopped yet and I'm getting angry about this.

This is the front of a liquor store/mini-market where a stabbing took place. I'll get back to that in a minute. Let start at the beginning.

I was in a pretty good mood yesterday. It was my Friday and the story we were covering involved a murder with satanic ritual. Yeah, satanic ritual, that's always a nice little bonus. I'm all for freedom of religion and if you want to worship the dark lord of the underworld, more power to you. I just have to draw the line somewhere and killing high school classmates is really taking it too far. Hey, and leave my chickens alone. Okay?

The leads we were following on that case sort of dried up at an old address we had for the murder victim's family. Somebody else will run with that story today. The reporter and I got moved onto breaking news. A convenience store clerk was stabbed and killed during a robbery in the Hawaiian Gardens area.

When they told me where the murder had taken place, I couldn't help thinking, Simpsons (uh, the animated ones, not the OJ one).

That's evidence there.

The would be robber/murderer left the store on foot and ditched his bloody t-shirt about a block away. When they catch this guy, it won't break my heart if they rough him up a bit. I was a little put out that I had to walk a block away to get this shot. It really might have been more considerate if he ditched his blood stained evidence closer to the crime scene. Manners people!

I'm a little full of the gallows humor this morning (the word humor might be a stretch). I'm going to go for a run, take a shower, then get my weekend going. I'm hoping for a nice quiet couple of days. I haven't watched a lot of TV news on my days off, but I'm interested in these stories that I worked yesterday. My station will be following up on both.

I'm not going to dwell on it, but it's still in my mind that a family who I don't know really at all, is going to be spending the day making arrangements to put to rest one of their own. It's pretty impossible for me to know exactly how they must feel this morning, but it's easy enough for me to guess.

I'm sorry for their loss and I'm sorry if my tone this morning is less considerate than what it should be, given the situation. I don't know if the guy who got killed last night would feel the same as I do, but if something tragic ever happens to me and joking about it helps someone get through the day. Try to be nice about it, but go for it. Laugh it up and do not feel guilty. Life is short and there's always going to be something to feel sad about. Go ahead and let a little humor help you though the day.

Come on, that's what I would do.


Michelle said...

You have the right attitude Bryan. You have to be able to leave it all behind when you walk in the front door, and pick it all back up when your on the road. If you don't have a sense of humor in your line of work then your coping skills would go out the window.

beFrank said...

It's a difficult balance to maintain. Some things deserve greater amounts of respect and I really don't want a bunch of immature buffoonery going on in the back of a liveshot at a crime scene. On the other hand I don't want people to be bogged down by the tragic stories we report.

Grace said...

more than once in major American cities- concentrated prayer-for 24 hours
through buddhist chant in one city
and in New Orleans
with dance n drum circle
focused praying for peace slowed down the killings/shootings-
can I get a witness

Lisa said...

I wasn't bothered by your attitude at all. You have to be somewhat amused at the idiocy of criminals. In my mind, they are all idiots with too much time on their hands. Sorry if that offends any of you criminals out there. :)

I was watching the morning news the other day. Mind you, I live in a town of about 600,000 people. It's not little; but it's not huge. The news reported 2 local murders, a couple of more remote ones, and then the death count in Iraq, in almost one feel swoop. I couldn't help but wonder, "Are we the only ones alive this morning?"

It's disappointing, to say the least, that some people hold such little regard for human life, they are willing to wipe someone out for a few dollars or some liquor, or sometimes for nothing at all.

As you said, this is not something you can dwell on and still go on to lead your own, normal life. It touches us long enough to realize there is something really bad in the world, and then we have to let it go. The families are suffering enough for all of us.

beFrank said...

Somebody was telling me about how much of our economy has come to depend on crime. The level of commerce involved in the criminal justice system is staggering.