Monday, October 18, 2004

Hmm, something I don't see every day. . .

Those new submersible vehicles?

Not working real well.

Big rain in SOCAL over the weekend. Doing my job during actual weather often puts me where the unexpected has happened.

The people who live in this apartment building probably didn't expect this.

An underground parking structure flooded in the Anaheim area and around 30 cars got soaked inside and out.

I got the impression that there would be a lot of finger pointing going on today. I understand that this has happened here twice before.

As terrible as it is for the people directly involved, I'm just glad that it was ONLY property damage and nobody died here. Check it out, I went the whole weekend and didn't cover a story that involved a corpse.

In fact, nobody has died in the stories I've covered since last Monday. I'm on a roll. I expect that it won't last, but let's try to keep it going. Please?

It's going to be wet and dangerous on the streets around Los Angeles while it's raining. That's different from the usual "just dangerous". It's my Friday and I expect after I get home tonight and over the next few days, Dellis (Action-Wife) and I will be cuddled up together watching TV (Farscape, Law & Order, Lost, Venture Brothers, NYPD Blue, Third Watch. . .) and maybe I'll be doing a little writing on my computer. I also have a 25% off coupon for Border's (score!), so my weekend outside of Mr. Mom type work around the house is going to be pretty low on "Action".

I can't wait. Everybody beCareful out there.


gemmak said...

That kinda looks familiar.........will it ever stop raining in the UK I wonder. A rarer occurence in LA I assume?

Grace said...

ahhhh bcozy- good 4 u two

I found the reason why 1st days of rain are as dangerous as a blizzard is back east-
there is an oily layer that is not apparent till that first rain or even drizzle, after months of dry- and the roads are like 2 n 3 r better though


Ruby in Paradise said...

Law & Order and snuggles, you can't go wrong! Happy Weekend!

magz said...

beAmazed! wishes DO come true, ya asked, ya recieved. I always secretly gloat over SoCal property damage. It never fails to amuse me that the suburbanites defy acts of Nature, then look for somebuddy to sue when their house burns, floods, or mudslides merrily away. Have a wonderful weekend Actionfam, and say hi to da boid for me.