Thursday, October 14, 2004

I need coffee!

It's Monday for me and I feel like blowing off some steam, but I only have a few minutes before I have to leave for work.

What happened to all the brave people in the world? It's like evolution blinked and suddenly fighting for survival became killing over entertainment and luxury. I keep seeing more effort being put into selecting a pair of shoes or car rims than might be put into selecting the next leader of our country. Few people read or try to better themselves. Well, few as compared to the numbers of people spending hours playing video games or watching TV. I was feeling the other day that the candidates weren't representative of the average people in this country. I was wrong. They're representing exactly what too many people are all about. They want to win and how they win is less important than the end results. The rhetoric is too biased for me to accept as reasonable. Each side is proclaiming their candidate as being perfect in all things and the opposing side's candidate is perfectly evil or stupid or wrong in all things. Reasonable people should know better. The truth lies probably somewhere in the middle and isn't as absolute as either side would have us believe. Go vote and make sure somebody else votes.

I gotta' go.


dkgoodman said...

I hate both presidential candidates. I still don't know which one I can vote for and not hate myself in the morning. It's so much easier deciding which movie to NetFlix next, than it is trying to choose between the lesser of two evils. What helps is knowing that no matter who I vote for, Kerry will win California, so it doesn't really matter which way I go. (And for you assertive types out there, don't bother emailing me with suggestions.) I'm glad I'm not in a swing state.

Evolution is a slow process. Maybe over the course of time the slacker gene will breed out as the conscientious people find more success in life. I'd like to hope so, anyway.

Is it November 3rd yet?

Ruby in Paradise said...

I don't like MONDAYS either! I will vote, but I am ready for it to be decided already!

Michelle said...

Its funny watching both countries choose the lesser of 2 evils to lead them. Both countries have very different ways of electing governments and the "fanfare" that leads up to it is also very different. Unfortunately for me my lesser of 2 evils didn't get elected and we are stuck with the dictator for another 3 years *sigh*. After studying politics in both Australia and USA, all i can say to my friends in the USA is to make sure you vote.

Jack's Shack said...


I agree with you. I find myself less than inspired by the rhetoric. And I agree that this campaign feels very fake.

You would think that we could come up with better candidates and more reasonable discourse.

IMO, part of the problem is that as a nation we seem to be moving towards sound bites as a source of information. That doesn't provide much in the way of substantive commentary or information. It is pretty thin to say the least.

I am a big advocate for pushing more reading and more emphasis on teaching critical reasoning and logical thought in the schools.

Grace said...

go to for info about his senate record, his wife, his running mate
without the bashing and interruptions of TV

I wonder- how does bush know 75% of the terrorists?
he has said, (3 times that Ive heard)"We've captured or killed 75% of the terrorists"
how does one make that statistic ? and if it's true, then we obviously no longer need the (un)patriot act the way it is written. Can we can adjust it to be less McArthian now?