Saturday, October 23, 2004

Let's do lunch

Thursday was a fairly slow day. I got sent out to get shots of a grade school in the Eagle Rock area. Didn't get a chance to snap any digital still pictures related to my assignment, but since I wasn't the main photog on the story I got a chance to take a full lunch. It's always a part of our daily work life, but it's not always a benefit. We get to know the menus of fast food joints in detail. I'm partial to salads and I've been on the low-carb bandwagon for over a year. Compassion, innocence, my keys, I can lose a lot working in news if I'm not careful. It's too bad weight isn't one of the easier things to be lost.

The story I was covering was about a 6th grade teacher who's been accused of molesting his female students. It's difficult, but not impossible to stay objective and allow the legal process to take it's course. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. What feels different to me is the realization that it's not shocking anymore. I've seen it before and more often than not, the allegations prove to be true.

This type of story isn't supposed to be as routine as lunch, but it happens often and often goes without being reported by us or the victims. There were five or six girls who have come forward and this is the sencond time the teacher has been investigated.

I've gotta go to work. Maybe I'll bring my lunch from home today. Have a beYootiful weekend.


Ruby in Paradise said...

This is the SECOND time, why does that make my skin crawl!?!

Michelle said...

Well I'm sure you all know what i think :|

Jack's Shack said...

It is sad to think about what no longer shocks us. Just makes me cringe sometimes to think about how thick a skin I have developed for some things.

beFrank said...

That's part of the problem in dealing with the horrible things we see during the course of reporting the news. Just when you think you've seen the worst of it, you come across the thing you've never seen before. Wait until tomorrow's post. You'll see what I mean.