Monday, November 29, 2004

Don't even try to imagine the pain

The first draft of this was posted from Starbucks during my lunch hour last night. I cleaned it up a bit and added pictures from the location of our live-shot. The park was the location where a teenager was abducted. The teenager was later killed and last night we spoke with the teenager's mother.

Ouch. This is starting to be just too painful. Not the slow load times of the blog, I'm talking about jumping from a night with no story to a night with a heart wrenching loss story.

First, let me thank everyone for wishing me and the Frank family well over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had a lot of fun over the weekend and that makes up completely for the depressing day I had on Thanksgiving day.

My strange new schedule has kept me off balance for the last few weeks and I'm finding myself face down on my keyboard far more often that is proably healthy. I've been through a lot in the last few weeks and I keep trying to hang onto the thoughts and feelings for the blog, but it's difficult. My grown up children were in town and that was huge, but I'm also hitting big dips in the emotional road. Covering stories involving death and shooting a couple of chilling interviews. I have my lunch hour to tap out a few lines just to let eveyone know I'm still alive and well (okay, alive anyway).

On the big story tonight, I shot an interview with a woman who lost her teenage son to violence several years ago. He was killed by an associate of his older brother. Drugs were involved and the associate has suprisingly eluded the law since the incident took place.

The woman has held it togther, but just barely. She's done the best she could to deal with the loss of her child, but the weight of her sadness is too much. She spoke to us in a very matter of fact tone and told us of her struggle with alcoholism and admitted during our interview to several suicide attempts.

She and her husband have recently sold their home. They're in the process of moving and boxes filled with scrapbooks and items relating to her son's life and murder were stacked high in the living room. I appreciated her candor even though she was initially hesitant to speak with us. Since her son's suspected murderer is still out there somewhere, there's been no closure. The woman can't let go of her pain and she looked haunted by it all.

I'm not comparing anything I felt to what she's dealing with, but it was difficult when she allowed me to go into the room that was his bedroom and videotape. She's kept it almost exactly as it was when he died. I thought she might break down at any moment during the interview and even after, but she didn't. She was strong, but I wonder if it was the kind of strength that comes from having been through hell.

I wish her well. I hope they catch the guy. I wish I had words to offer that might have been of some comfort. All I could do was thank her for sharing her pain and tolerating our interview.

The reporter and I have to go put the story together for our 11:00pm newscast.

Hug your kids and hold them close.


magz said...

oh bryan... let yer kids and dellis hug YOU, and hold ya close. shit story man, i'm so sorry... and here i was gonna tell ya ta hug ME... i actually did it... but damn man... here's YOUR hug. We love ya Action man, and you dont owe us nuttin, ya know. do what ya feel... and member yer loved. Lots. Hug him Dellis...

beFrank said...

Thanks magz. That's what I needed.

gemmak said...

What a nightmare, dreadful for the boy's family but so hard to report too. How could you possibly do your job without what you deal with getting to you at times. You wouldn't be the guy you are if it didn't! Take comfort in your great family, hug Dellis tight and blog when you can....we can wait while you 'rest', there are more important things :o) xx