Thursday, November 04, 2004

The fight ain't over until. . .HE WHAT?

Kerry conceded and life goes on.

I'm back from Washington, DC safe and sound. It's great to be home. My family was happy to see me. Dellis is still in recovery mode and Scooter as a teenager was busy not having anything to do with me, so I slept (hibernated) for close to twelve hours. I don't feel any worse for the wear.

The sun came up this morning and I'll be going to work later today. These are the last shots of Washington DC that I thought might be good to share.

This is Union Station. It was a great place for me to have lunch on Tuesday, but I voted not to have the tuna sandwich.

It's filled with shops and places to eat. Crazy as it might sound, I understand you can also catch a train there. Really a fascinating place.

An interior of the mall at Union Station in Washington, DC.

I've spent part of the morning consoling friends who are saddened by Kerry's loss in the election. I take too much pride in being a level-headed and responsible person to let the election results get me down.

I love hot-dog carts. Not too crazy about food-poisoning, but we all make our choices in life.

I know what happens in Washington may have a great affect on my life or the lives of my children and I would never want people to think that it doesn't matter who leads this country.

Japanese Maple trees in the courtyard to the CBS Newspath office.

It matters greatly who leads this country, but what matters even more to me is who leads my life. I do. I'm happy because nobody has a greater impact on the quality of my life than me. How I live as a person of courage, intelligence, and character will influence the lives of my family and the people around me more than who sits in the big chair in the oval office.

As things stand for the world I live in, the quality of my life is determined more by the choices I make for myself. I work for a living and like I said, today I'll be going to work. Chances are, I'll do the same tomorrow. There may be repercussions that affect me down the line, but my world isn't any more or less perfect for the results of the election.

I don't expect to live in a perfect world. Being the optimist that I am (stop laughing), I'm going to be okay with working towards making the world better in all the ways that I can. That usually means just being a decent human being. So, keep it in mind, the election is done, but regardless of the final tally, it ain't ever really over.


Ruby in Paradise said...

I love the last sentence of your post! :) Glad you're back, and not letting it all get to you. This was an inspiring post for me . . . :)

beFrank said...

Cool. It's good to know I'm having a positive effect on people. Can I count on your vote in '08?

Anonymous said...

seen this?:

Grace said...

Re: Seen this?
thanks for commenting beFrank
I am glad that I see too many people WORKING HARD for positive socio-economic changes that will remove the reign of the religous fanatics and the conmglomerate manipulated vote. I applaud the activisim in my self and others who will not sit by and allow abuse.
I feel the energy that rationalized slavery, torture and other attrocities is in rule again...and is representing us as Americans to the world
just as I would have acted had I been German in 1938- or American during slavery-
as i would have behaved as an indigenous Priestess had I felt the genocide attempts
I must say and do more than just my usual.
In Europe they called it The Resistance.

not to worry- it is still legal to protest in this country. It is unpopular - but, legal..there are MANY ways we can and are taking our country back.

Now I am not on the supreme court
or even one judge on it
i am not one of the representatives (though I do let them know how I want things) still there is a lot I can do - it is part of my lifestyle.
We know people are effected by laws, bills,
trees are effected
prison overcrowding,
the no child left (as the kids without books call it) act...
rather than allow yourself to be hodwinked and bamboozled again
rather than selling your brother
you / we can do something that helps effect change...we can mentor and
volunteer in many ways
we can watch closely and beAware of the changes that are affecting us directly

Grace said...

sorry- I got wordy too
and if anyone wants- I'm here:
for reply