Thursday, November 11, 2004

Getting out of bed. . .

. . .that was my first mistake.

People who work in news are notoriously known for their consumption of alcohol. Now, I joke about drinking much more than I actually put away. I have a five (oops) four pack of Pete's Wicked Ale sitting in my fridge that started out as a six pack when I first mentioned it a while back on my blog. Dellis and I will share a bottle of wine with dinner and I think it's cool to whip up Bananas Foster or a simple bowl of ice cream with a chocolate liqueur drizzled on top. The liquor industry would be in trouble if it depended on us and don't get me started on the bars I don't go to. I have friends who drink less than me and I have friends who drink more than me. . .me, you, the both of us and your uncle or aunt that doesn't get invited to holiday dinner anymore since that incident with the good towels.

I don't give up on life. In my mind, there is always tomorrow and the race to win is absolutely about the route and not about who crosses the finish line first. Working in news, I get to see life first hand. Some people who are richer than me aren't as happy. Some people with less in the way of material goods, don't have a care in the world and live only for the moment. I'm comfortable with who I am, but come on, who doesn't dream of one or the other at some point.

So, we do what we can in the pursuit of the life we want to live. Everybody has their own sayings or mantra that helps them get through the tough days. My personal favorite is, "It's just another day at the office". I should get it printed on a t-shirt.

Yesterday was just another day at the office. Yeah, and if ever there was a day where going home, crawling back into bed and pulling the covers over my head was the best option, then yesterday was it.

Hmm. . .that's funny. . .I seem to be getting over it. You know what? It was a tough day, but that was yesterday. I'm over it. Hoo-boy, this blog is freaking great. I probably just saved a buttload of cash on therapy. Thanks for listening.

I'm pretty sure there was a lesson to be learned here, but darned if I can figure out what it might "be".


will said...


That'll be five cents, please.

Shana said...

I've had days like that. . . days in which I'd rather gargle bleach and chew on tin foil than go to work. I can really relate!

Ruby in Paradise said...

It's all in how you look at things! Your outlook beLooking good! :)

magz said...

amazing, aint it? aunt doctor magz agrees.... totally.
and would that possibly be a 'birdcage' right behind that fine lookin shiny phrenologists dream of a head in yer picture? how's beBoid doing?

beFrank said...

The beBoid is fine and enjoying the run of the house. He's turned out to be surly and bad-tempered towards everyone in the house with the occasional exception of Action-Wife. She's been his perch of choice at times. He does provide good company during quiet TV time.

Oops, must get back to writing.