Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Miles to go before I sleep

Just a quick post to express a couple of thoughts I had while catching up with friends this morning.

I never travelled much in my childhood and I still have a suprisingly narrow view when it comes to picking up and going anywhere (mmm, comfy chair). Travelling was defined by how my father took us on an annual visit (pilgrimage?) at Christmas to see my grandparents in Louisiana. I like that it was important to him and we shared in that. It just seems that we may have missed something, because we saw the states between here and there, but spent no time at all exploring what lies between.

I'm away from home a lot. I'm the most travelled of the four sons of my parent's household, but I have barely covered very much ground in the US. Not counting a honeymoon with Action-Wife in Mexico (and a dip down south of Tijuana), I've never been outside of the United States. It's really just making me stop and think.

My two oldest children have been as far as Japan and my son backpacked across Europe and India for no reasons other than his own. Scooter, my youngest child has had summer camps and school trips across the country and saw Times Square and the World Trade Center before 9/11 without the shadow of her parents clouding the view. I hope she appreciates the treasure of that memory.

I lay awake Monday night feeling out of sorts because of all the things that I know I still have to do. There's the disposition of my speeding ticket, NaNoWriMo isn't going to "wri" itself (heh-heh, let's call it NaNoWriYr), and the never-ending list goes on.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

I'd like to see more of the planet and I'd like to accomplish more to make a difference in my life and the lives of my family and friends. I constantly work towards goals and the wheels are turning. It's just so frustrating, because I know that life is short. I take some comfort in knowing there's a good chance my kids will finish for me anything important I might leave undone.

Well, the sun is out and Lucky is squawking. There are places I want to see, people I want to meet, and things I want to do. It's already been a busy week and it doesn't look to be any less busy through the holidays. Through it all I'm feeling more and more each day as if I'd like to pack up the family and head to Louisiana for the holidays.

Maybe by way of North Dakota just to mix it up a bit.

Special thanks to Thomai of "Alithea" for the link to the visited states map and to Buzz for his email that mentioned my "run bag" (one of the things that got my gears turning).

ps- Go MAGZ, GO!


Michelle said...


magz said...

awww thanks action man, and happy snarfling tomorrow, wherever ya eat... it's been a mighty weird month for me, stirring up some old ghosts... a sense of discpline i NEVER show, and some real self analyzin. It's left me WAY behind on the usual fun stuff surfin, and i know i've annoyed a few by my mysterious sudden unpresence... but its also been amazingly fun, huh. Whenever we get done with these, i'd be deeply honored to read yers, and maybe we can shop em round together... this writing stuff has been both the hardest and the easiest thing i ever did, and i'm glad i gave it a shot, and double glad you've checked it out some. My very best to the whole action family...offer is always open for couch space here when you guys are ready for southwestin it.

Ruby in Paradise said...

I love those Louisiana Holidays! I was just crying on Gemmak's shoulder, because this year, we're not traveling there for Thanksgiving. :( No one can make Pecan Pie like my step father! My family lives 30 minutes outside of New Orleans? Where does your family live?

Have any of your children been to MARDI GRAS???? HEE...HEE! I agree with the covering ground here and abroad! That's one of the reasons why I love blogger land, I have met more people outside of this country and so much about other enchanted places on this earth!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours . . .TW

Ruby in Paradise said...
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