Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday Now!

Starbucks. I can't believe I'm still in Starbucks. Paraphrasing movie quotes, for gosh sakes. That's got to be a sure sign that I'm spending too much time here. The horror. I have become the yuppie that I fought (and to be honest, ridiculed) for so very long.

It's been a couple of days since I last posted anything on the blog and I have to admit a certain amount of guilt. I'm sure all bloggers go through this, but I had found a comfortable spot in life where I was living with very few regrets. Balancing my on-line presence with real world responsibilities is a difficult juggling act. I'm also having a helluva time adjusting to having weekends off. I know some people would kill for the opportunity to be home on the weekends, but it doesn't really work for my situation.

You see, it's simple. My weekend schedule was a daytime shift. That put me away from home at night only three days a week. Dellis and I both managed to accomplish a lot in the time we had at home alone and neither of us felt as if we were neglecting the other. Craptastic (sucktacular?) new schedule; Monday through Friday nightside. I don't see the Action-Wife and Scooter unless I get up with them for breakfast (which I do). The problem is, the lack of sleep and since AW is a teacher, she needs time on the weekend to prepare for her classes, run errands, and other stuff (which as a mere mortal male, I will never ever fully understand).

I'm sure I can adjust, but it was a rough week and I just feel like I never managed to catch up enough to be able to enjoy the weekend.

That's just what I'm dealing with right now. In middle of all this, I'm still trying to crank out a few pages of the novel I'm working on for NaNoWriMo. It started off well, but I'm kind of stuck on a follow-up to a line where a character says, "All work and no play, makes Jack. . ."

Oh, and this just in:

I may have shared this before, but I love the work of a Romanian artist by the name of Anca Ionescu.

Action-Wife gifted me a couple of her serigraphs a while back, but I was having a difficult time finding anyone who still carries her work (at a price I can afford).

Well, I stumbled across a seller on eBay. I bought this piece last week and I'm having it framed. I may buy one more out of the DC election trip windfall.

The rest of the week is looking up. I expect to hit the road tomorrow for an overnight SNG trip to Las Vegas. I have recent fond memories that are going to be traveling with me and I hope I get some down time to snap a few pics and maybe keep hammering at my novel's page count.

I know AW worries when I have a bad week on the job and I still haven't shared the details of stories that I covered last week. For me and the people I bring along for the ride of my life, I have a saying that I've kind of butchered over the years that keeps me going.

"Life is neither all good, nor is it all bad and it's never either for very long."

I promise to attribute that to whoever is responsible for it (and possibly even correct it) if someone knows where it came from. In the meantime, I'll take the good with great enthusiasm. The bad? I accept the bad by grabbing it around the neck and twisting it into a full hammerlock before wrestling it to the ground. Then I put it into a sleeper hold and pin it for a three count. I have to be careful, Bad can sneak up after the count and hit me in the back of the head with a folding chair like a heavy blunt analogy.

Okay, I'm feeling good today, but that's all the time I have for blogging. Go out and beGood, save the world one small warm happy good deed at a time.


Anonymous said...
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beFrank said...

By the way, I want to thank everybody for reading what I post.

Fair warning, you're just encouraging me.

Michelle said...

Love the colors in that pic, i find the pic itself rather depressing. Isn't it funny how each of us views art so differently.

gemmak said...

I seem to be having a crap kinda week too, adjusting to new work patterns and stuff ........ Hope yours improves soon :o)

magz said...

coolio. i member back in the dark ages when i actually WORKED for a living i too hated weekends off. hard to do yer 'stuff' when everythings closed... nowadays i pay very little attention except when i find myself trying to buy beer before 10;00 am on sunday in this state. now get back to bookin it!

magz said...

wait a sec fore ya leave.... do ya ever think about..... (ahem) just how much CASH starbux is eating from ya? why, you could probably afford an industrial sized designer thermos and a years worth of safeway brand coffee for what ya spend in a week in there..... lol. unless, the station keeps yer tab open. if so, never mind... (emily latella)

beFrank said...

It's cheap if I resist the frapps and la-de-da-lattes.

$2.00 for a cup of joe (I tip) and half a buck for every refill, but I do pack a thermos on days that I do long non-travel trips. Travelling out of town, the coffee is on the company.

Ruby in Paradise said...

I want a job where the coffee is on the company, I guess when I grow up, huh? =)

Ruby in Paradise said...

I started craving Starbucks from reading your site, so yesterday I had a pumpkin spice frappuccino! So there! :)

PamG said...

All work and no play makes Jack ... jacked.

beFrank said...

true willow- I feel appropriately rebuked. . .wait a minute. . .hey, I didn't do anything. I just wanted a cup of coffee.