Friday, November 26, 2004

No news is bad news

It's lunchtime on a Friday night. I should be crashing a package or putting a reporter on TV. This is my evening. Don't think for one minute that I'm happy about it.

(You remember Joel Connable?) Okay, I'm not completely unhappy. We're at Starbucks instead of a crime scene. It's just one of those nights where nothing is breaking and the story we were covering decided to evaporate. We'll pick it up on Monday. Until something happens tonight.

We'll finish off my lunchbreak here and then most likely wait for a breaker.

By the way, I've got my Thanksgiving story to tell. I know it was yesterday and I tend to want to move on, but I'm just not done with it yet. There was just a lot of stuff going on that the folks watching our newscast will never know.

I'll "be" seeing you later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Ruby in Paradise said...

What a SURPRISE to see you at STARBUCKS! :) You and the wife look great on "Opera" night, she's a keeper beFrank!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great on opera night.
Gee I thought I was bad with the Starbucks!!! I think you got me beat. I hope you own stock, at least like that you would be making a profit! :>) Andrea Santana