Monday, November 22, 2004

That's right, I'm a cold cold man!

Where do I start? It takes a lot to get me out of my comfy chair on a Sunday afternoon.

A call from work? Yeah, that'll do it.

I got a call asking if I could come in to run the satellite truck for live shots from the Wrightwood area. Pardon me, but what the hell was I thinking? It really didn't sink in right away. I'd gone out chasing snow three times recently. It shocked the heck out of me to actually be driving through falling snow.

We crawled our way through the snow and an 11:00pm live-shot. We put the first set of chains on the SAT truck and made it into Wrightwood after midnight. The road to the hotel was too steep for the SAT truck and we lost the snow chains. It was dark and cold and snowing. Those three things don't go together well. My room had a fireplace, but no firewood. Call time for the morning liveshots? Yeah, let's hear it for 3:30am. Oh, and no internet access. Welcome to a hunk of my life on the road.

We missed our first slot because of trees and limited truck mobility. I tried to move it a few feet to clear the tree that was giving me the most trouble. The truck slid into a snow bank and I declared it a good spot. I popped the dish and got us on the satellite. A little late, but at least we didn't lose the truck.

My feet were freezing all day long.

We put the second set of chains on the SAT truck, got breakfast and then went up to the Mountain High ski resort for our next set of live-shots. Anybody keeping track of the time? I'm going on two hours of sleep and I went on the clock at 6:00pm yesterday.

After two more live-shots, we're cleared to pack it up and head back to Hollywood. We crawl back down the mountain.

Twenty-two hours later I clock out and end my day. Dellis and Camia are happy to see me home this evening and I'm absolutely about to drop.

For a guy who likes being at home and enjoys the time he gets to spend with his family, I'm soaking up a lot of overtime and out of town trips this month. I know folks get a kick out of seeing where I'm going to turn up covering the news. If it's all the same to you guys, can I PLEASE take it easy for a few days?

Aw, who am I kidding? The next time the phone rings and it's the job calling, I'll toss the run bag in the jeep, kiss the family and try to "be" wherever it is that they need me. It's in my blood and I really enjoy it even on these long days.

Yeah, I'm enjoying it, but I'm still kind of hoping someday they need me to "be" somewhere in a comfy chair.


Jack's Shack said...

That is one of the best things about LA, you can visit the snow and not have to live in it.

Michelle said...

You have my sympathy. I hope your not working on thanksgiving......have a few beers and "stuff" your face!!!!

Ruby in Paradise said...

Wow! Blogger is actually allowing me to comment! It was starting to feel bePersonal with me! heehee! I have a few words for you, that kind of matches up with your previous post: