Friday, December 10, 2004

Hit me. . .hit me. . .hit me. . .damn.

There's a possibility that I might make more money if I got paid by the mile. Late night on Wednesday coming home from Lancaster covering the JPL van pool fatal accident. Did I get a break on Thursday? Nope. Got sent out to cover the Morongo Casino opening.

Some high points and low points last night. It was an entertainment story, so as far as I know, nobody died. The idea of spending a few hours hanging out around a red carpet media event sponsored by a casino, also a good thing.

Downsides? It was cold and other than a few minutes on the red carpet, the news crews all had to stay outside. No blackjack or buffet. Let me also stress the point that this is in the desert outside of Palm Springs. It is cold in the winter in the desert outside of Palm Springs.

Beyonce and Destiny's Child performed, but we didn't get to go inside for the concert. They provided a pool feed outside for us to plug into. We roll tape and they control how much is sent out to us. We got a whole 40 seconds of the first song performed. Then they cut the feed. That's all we really need to have for our coverage.

After I had set up my camera gear to record, I ran over with my still camera to the red carpet to try and snap a few pictures of the celebrity arrivals.

I was proud of myself. She's from ER and I recognized her right off the bat.

. . .and he's from Alias. I'm on a roll, baby.

Don't know her (oh well, so much for that roll). Do you remember when I mentioned it was cold?

It was really cold.

I don't want anyone to think that I'm complaining and don't get mad at me, but do women get cold?

The one in the powder blue top looks a little chilly in this picture.

You saw how I was dressed. That wasn't a fashion statement. It felt like I had to keep moving just for survival.

I guess I should thank the Lingerie Bowl models for giving me the opportunity to work out with my new camera.

Being a gentleman, I climbed over the velvet rope and offered one them the use of my jacket. A security guard about to bust a gasket smacked me in the back of the head and said, "Don't be stupid. Get back in the press area!"

I said, "But I'm beFrank."

Hard to tell if he was a blogger, because then he smacked me again and said, "Okay, then don't 'beStupid' and get back over there."

I'm delusional from my lack of sleep, so that exchange really only happened in my head. I had a great critical point to make that was relevant to what I do, but gee, somehow I guess I got a little distracted and completely forgot what it was.

I'm off today for one more round with the dentist. Somebody enjoy a beer and think of me.

Also, remember, the "be" words of the day are bePassionate and beCreative!


Michelle said... thinks you were beSotted!!!

beFrank said...

Who, me? Never. :)

Terri said...

We are women. Our feet don't hurt in 4"spike heels. We don't cry when hair is literally ripped out of our face, legs and "private areas" by hot wax. Human beings come out of our bodies for crying out loud!!!! A little cold weather is nothing!

But, 40 seconds of feed? What a rip off. That's not enough to warm anybody up. I actually thought of you last night as there seemed to be an unusually high number of dead people in the first 10 minutes of news and I thought you must have been sent to at least one of them. College kid killed at a Subway store after he'd handed the gunmen the $200-$300. cash in the register. That one really got me. Still does. Damn fools.

The Humanity Critic said...

Great blog, I will definitely be stopping by regularly..

beFrank said...

Humanity Critic - Well, thanks for dropping by. Look around and check the place out. Kick the tires, let me know if you have any questions. I don't know if I can answer them, but I'm more than willing to politely nod and smile.