Monday, December 20, 2004

I'll be down in a second. . .

. . .I mean, how long does it take to fall off a roof?

Mankind has never been more cruel than in the creation of annual traditions which require an expenditure of effort that could be better allocated towards the pursuit of higher intellectual goals.

I have episodes of "The Venture Brothers" to watch on my TIVO.

The drafting of my loving and "oh, so helpful" offspring in this endeavor does little to mitigate the frustration in recognizing the futility of our activities.

It never escapes me that I could be sitting in my comfy chair drinking a cold beer. I could even have eggnog as a concession to the holiday season.

It is with these thoughts as I face the final week of shopping and cooking and yardwork before the targeted holiday, that I ask any father or husband who has found himself in my position to simply give me a wave or a nod in sympathy in the first week of the new year when I'm back up on the roof taking the lights down again.

Action wife is taking the pictures. Even though she may have a camera in one hand, she holds an unchallenged threat of potential violence in the other.

Happy (help me) Holidays!


Michelle said...

LOL...why does "Griswold" come to mind??!!

beFrank said...

Yeah, that's right. I'm having a Hap-Hap-Happy Christmas.

dellislove said...

Heeeey, I take offence at the "Bah, Humbug" attitude. I love this time of year because you not only see the harsh side of people with all the rushing around and short fuses (human nature in action), you also see the side you wish were available year-round! There's plenty of time to sit and snuggle and sip cozy drinks while enjoying each other's company. . . There's a section over there that's not glowing dear.

Ruby in Paradise said...

dellis, I love it when you comment. I like the way you view life and the wording is always PERFECT. I have a writer's crush on you. heehee! : ) beFrank, you heard the lady, you missed a spot! lol. Happy Holidays to your OHANA from my OHANA. Peace. TW.

dellislove said...

Thank you True Willow. You've made my day. I'll try make more time to write - more often.
Have a wonderful holiday season.

magz said...

Happiest Seasons to the action family from both myself... AND my prodigal son! Yup... my great big boy is HOME.. and dig this:
BLOGGING! Daniel calls it Where Has My Mind Gone and it's linking all over the place quickly, turns out my kid has a bit of talent!

Really wishing you the very very best family... blessings on your family and home. (I got my bestest present ever with my son...)

beFrank said...

Thanks magz. I'm looking forward to a similar reunion with a prodigal brother in March and I can only imagine how happy you must be right now. Many blessings on the both of you and Merry (early) Christmas!