Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ready for the week

I'm half asleep already and I've been too tired to pull my camera out this past weekend. It's Sunday night. Dellis (Action-wife) and I are done for the day. There's still a big pile of work to be finished, but we'll come back and finish it later. It's mostly just preparations for Christmas. I never like to get things done too soon in December. I'd hate to risk possibly missing the last minute psycho-mad-mall-crazy-holiday panic-o-rama.

I like the normal. I worked most of the day cleaning out my garage, washing my car, and grocery shopping. Action-wife baked salmon for dinner with corn and sweet potatoes. It's just a normal day and I'm thankful for it. I haven't watched any news today. I didn't avoid it, I just got too busy with odds and ends around the house. I'm looking forward to the holidays.

It dawned on my daughter Camia (Scooter) that this would be her last Christmas at home. She's a senior in high school and she plans to go away to college next year. She's looking forward to it. I'm excited about the prospect of having Action-wife all to myself.

Looking forward to it, but I'm in no rush. There's still a lot of normal days until then.

We had cheescake for desert. I'm loving it.


gemmak said...

Salmon, corn, sweet potatoes and cheese cake?.....can I come for dinner please? :o)

beFrank said...

We'll set a place for you. The salmon is gone, but I'm sure I can rustle up something tasty.