Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You call this rain?

I'm a little soggy from playing in the rain for the last couple of days. I don't want to speak too lightly of the weather we've been having, our worst downpour is still pretty mild compared to nature's wrath in other parts of the globe. Keep in mind, I'm not comparing what I'm experiencing. I'm just sharing my watersoaked day.

Two nights ago, we had to travel to Camarillo for the good (bad) weather. Last night I spent part of my shift driving through the rain on the 10 Freeway and later along Pacific Coast Highway. Once we hit PCH, traffic was light. The rain had even let up for while. We stopped at Moonshadows restaurant and at the shopping center near Pepperdine University to look for elements of our story. The storm of the day was still in route down the coast, so we decided to head further North to meet it.

We reached Oxnard and Ventura and set up just off the sand along the beach near Pierpont Bay. It was dark and the thought of destruction caused by the tsunami this week did give me a bit of anxiety.

It might sound odd, but I wish I was heading over to cover what's going on in the aftermath of the Tsunami Disaster. I'm sure whatever I could do to help would be appreciated, but I don't kid myself by believing anything I could do would be more than a drop in the bucket.

If I were a doctor, I'd treat the sick. If I were a carpenter, I'd build shelters. I'm a news photographer and I'm not sure how many of us they need over there right now, but if I were there, I'd just want to do my job.

Hopefully, by keeping the story fresh in people's minds, the aid that is desperately needed might continue to be provided.

I don't know if covering a tragic story with a compassionate point of view is really going to make a difference. I like to believe it does. I just know that as I was standing in the rain doing liveshots from the Camarillo Outlet Mall on Monday, I found myself wishing I could be covering the bigger story. News doesn't really work that way. I don't always get to cover the big story, but the desire to be there and try to make a difference doesn't go away.

I never hope for anything bad to happen, but when something does happen, I hope I get the chance to be there. I just want the chance to do my job.

On the other hand, I did find three nice sweaters at the Geoffrey Beene Outlet store.


Terri said...

Hey, you were a stone's throw from my office! I work over at the Camarillo airport right next to the outlet mall. I would have gladly brought you a Starbucks! I used to live right above Moonshadows (until my house burned) and now live not far from Pierpont so you pretty much covered my entire stomping grounds.

Oh well, things are calm for now but another storm due tomorrow. Supposedly the worst is over. I love the rain and as far as I'm concerned it could rain for the next 5 days straight! I love being indoors and love having a fire in the fireplace.

Terri said...

I'm sure you know this but I'm impressed!!! Best LA Blogs and you're the second name down! How cool is that!?!?

will said...

That has got to be one of the biggest conflicts in a newsmonger: you want a big story to cover, but since the big stories tend to be bad, you kinda don't want one...

And congrats on the lablogs accolade.