Thursday, May 27, 2004

Another shot of the yard

Lots of green

Someday I'll fill in the brown spots in the grass, but for now I can just relax and watch things grow.

Cops and Robbers

I'm back to my regular shift and I wound up on the scene at a bizarre police operation. Cops posing as drug dealers set up a sting to catch a group of drug dealers that dressed up like cops to rip off other drug dealers.

The real cops got into a shoot out with the fake cops. I rolled onto the scene to help in getting Katherine Blake on the air for the 6pm newscast. The desk sent a nightside reporter out and I stayed at the scene the rest of the evening. Nothing more was going on, but we had to stay just in case the scene was cleared and we could go in for a closer look at where the shoot-out took palce. Good times. Yeah.

We found out later in the evening that the bait for the drug dealers was $8,000,000.00 in cocaine. Some of the coke got spilled and we joked about the officers getting the coke off the ground. ssssssnnnnnnnniiiiifffff!

One live shot at 6pm and another at 8pm and I had to edit the nightside story. That's not really the way things are supposed to go, but I'm used to crashing to make deadline. Crashing is just our slang for editing quickly under pressure. The other photog was having trouble with the gear. They turned things over to me just twenty minutes before the newscast. I cut the piece and got it in on time. I'm pretty good at that.

I brought my lunch from home. A rosemary and dill chicken breast, pineapple juice, carrots and a salad. I'll remember that longer than the actual work.
The big presser
It's cool to be this close to things
The boys in blue moving in (on the catering truck)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Take that, lawn!

I got the grass cut. I'm pretty happy about that accomplishment. heh-heh. Pictures later.

New Directions

Don't ask me why, but I got it mind that I'd like to try my hand at restoring old furniture. I guess the cheapskate in me and the craftsman wants to do something that might be a little artistic and save me some money.

The chair is butt ugly as it is, but I see a lot of potential in it. I'm thinking slipcover or reupholster (spelling?)

Just in case anyone is wondering, I could kick myself for even thinking about new projects and new ways to drain my time. Arrrrgggh.
Hideous. Just hideous.

Random Yard Shot

I get up at about 5:00am every morning so my wife and I can start our day together. I have a lot of reasons to do this, but I guess the best and simplest is that I love my wife very much and I don't get to spend the quality time with her that I'd like. It also gives me a chance to make lunch for her and our daughter. It's one of the things that I can do, so I do it. It's not always easy and the days that I work at night make it really difficult to get up in the morning after only a few hours sleep. It's important to me. It's worth it.

View from the breakfast table

Pride in Yardwork?

Work outside? No, outside bad. I think it must be a great suprise to my parents that I care anything at all about my yard. Growing up, the last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon, was work in the yard. I guess you never can really know what you're passing along to your children. The ability to make something out of nothing is always going to be a source of pride for me. My wife and I have worked hard to create a yard that we can enjoy and relax in when the work day is over.

Yeah, I know. The lawn needs to be mowed.

The backyard grows fast. Like rain forest fast.

Let's dig it up and start over

Welcome to the jungle

Monday Again?

I can hardly believe that it's Monday again. After two days off, I'm back to work today. I got a few things accomplished, but I've got a long way to go before the master list is finished. I hope to get a good story today, but it seems like a slow news week. We'll see.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Road Trip of the Year!

After work on Saturday at about 7PM, Dellis and I hit the road and drove to Phoenix, Arizona. If you have to ask why, then you'd never really understand the answer.

We stayed at a friends party for about an hour, got two hours sleep and drove back. I went straight to work on Sunday, finished my shift, came home and crashed.

The new "Road Trip" couple
Keith up all night
Can't get away from it
There's not much that I might not do for a good friend. It was really getting to me that I had said I was going to go to Arizona and couldn't make it happen. After work on Saturday I couldn't stand the idea of not going. I tried to make airline reservations and had considered calling in sick. After getting a call from Buzz and Keith, I made up my mind to drive there. I called Dellis and asked if she would consider making the drive. She agreed to go and we hit the road. It took us six hours to get there and we arrived at 2:00am, but the look on Buzz's face was worth it. Totally worth it. We got everyone up, I had a beer, we laughed and watched the mariachi video, slept for two hours, got up and drove back to Los Angeles. It took us another six hours, we stopped in El Monte to take a picture of old and new Pepe's restaurants. Dellis dropped me off at work. People will be talking about this for years to come because it was one of the biggest stunts I've ever done.
The road back
Everyone had gone to bed
The look on his face

Friday, May 21, 2004

Working out at LAX

Lora McLaughlin and I had all day to put together a package for the 6pm newscast on the rising fuel costs making airline ticket prices rise. It's really rare that we get a lot of time to put together a story. It was almost too much time, because I was still crashing at the end of the day to get the story edited and the live shot up and running.

It was great that we had a second man, "New Andy". We called him "New Andy" because there's another guy named Andy that we call "Andy Classic". I made that up yesterday. Lora wanted to call "Andy Classic", "Original Andy" and I thought it sounded too urban for him. He's not really an urban guy.

We did a good job and the folks at home won't ever know what I wanted to put into the edited piece that I didn't have time to do. I'll get back on here later and write about the little things that I did wrong through the day.
Fuel prices and Air Travel
Live Trucks on the scene

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Watcha gonna do, Bad Boy?
The Bad Boys Bail Bonds office is right across the street

The Two Towers

Welcome to my office

That's the command chair. Reporters might like to think the front seat is the command chair, but this is really the place where the action is.

This is also where I spent most of the day. It was pretty cool that I got to go up to the 18th floor at the criminal courts building. That's where the District Attorney's office is located. Steven Weber (from "Wings", the TV sitcom not the band) Had a limited series recently and I think it's interesting to see what the reality of the situation was as compared to the TV reality. I don't think you ever saw the heavy security door and the plexiglass barrier in the lobby to his offices. There was also a very bored officer watching things at a desk in the hall.

Sheriff at the Corner across from the Men's Central Jail
Going to see the DA downtown

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Back in the trenches.

Today is my Monday and I'm usually eager to get in and see what's been going on in the world. I have my digital camera and a positive attitude. I'd be curious to see if I'm headed over to the area where Bryan Lockley was killed.

I'll check back later today.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Bryan Frank and daughter Camia Marie Frank
Scooter Grrrl on her way to school.

Morning Rituals

My daughter, Camia, enjoyed a very tasty strawberry smoothie this morning. You know where she got it from? Do you? Yeah, that's right, got it from me. I made it with my own two hands. Was she thankful? Did she show her appreciation? Wait, wait, she's babbling in my ear right now as I type this. Oh, now she wants to hit me. Oh, oh! Now, she wants to clean it up. "I didn't hit you, I pushed your arm." This is the thanks I get for the delicious smoothie. Lordy, lordy, lordy.


Second day of my weekend and I'm starting the day off with lots of enthusiasm. Now, that only lasted until my lovely wife told me about statements made by Bryan Lockley's grandmother that placed the blame for her grandson's death on the City of Los Angeles because of a lack of services.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Check-one, check-two?

I wanted to check out the text posting thingy. I'm working with "Hello" and I wanted to see how it handled titles and stuff.
new pic for profile


The kid that got killed over the weekend? Yeah, it was his 14 year old cousin that did it. I'm so depressed. It's like people today never learn even the basics of human decency. This is going to keep me angry for a long time.

Again, I just have to say, "Damn!"

Monday, my Saturday

This is my day off and I'm planning on just taking it easy and working in my yard. I'm hooked on landscaping shows, but don't tell anyone.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Not sure on the spelling. Posted by Hello

Bryan's memorial. Posted by Hello

Bryan Day One

There's nothing more hateful, than killing a child. Today I covered the murder of 11 year old Bryan Lockley. Freaks me out that his name and mine are the same right down to the spelling.

We talked to his sister and she showed us the trail of blood that led to where the body was found. I can't imagine the pain that something like that happening to one of my family members would cause.

This wasn't the first time I covered a kid's murder. It just never gets any easier. Was it sad? Yeah, it was sad. I just hope we didn't add to the pain that the family was going through. It's pretty hard to keep focused on the job we need to do when we'd rather be somewhere else.

When I got home. I had a beer and hugged my wife and daughter. I covered the story and I hope they catch the SOB who murdered Bryan.

This is my first day out. Welcome to my world.