Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wow, do I win something?

I've always tried to be humble and take my hit count in stride. I never want to be too happy when the numbers are up, because I don't want it to bring me down when the numbers are down.

There's also the idea that the numbers shouldn't matter and the quality of the writing and pictures that I post should really be my only concern and besides, there are a lot of sites that do my numbers daily.

That being said, let me just add. . .

Check out that hit counter! Woo-hoo, baby! I'm not doing porn site numbers, but YEE-HAAAAH!

I'm feeling very lucky and blessed to be reaching 50,000 hits sometime this evening. Thanks to everybody for your encouragement and support. I love hanging out with all of you and look forward to some more interesting times.


gemmak said...

Yaaayyyyy....well done you, 50000 hits, the stuff of dreams for most of us! Well deserved Bryan. Looking forward to seeing you hit 100000 :o)

Michelle said...


beFrank said...

Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you all.

Well, maybe I could have just kept hitting the reload button, but that really wouldn't mean nearly as much to me.

gemmak said...

Lol @ hitting the reload button, my counter doesn't count my hits.....damn! heh