Monday, February 28, 2005

. . .and the Oscar goes to. . .

This past Friday there wasn't a star to be seen on the red carpet. The Oscars were still two days away and I was tagged to help set up our camera positions for the weekend's festivities.

I use the word surreal a lot when I describe my life. There might be a better word for it, but I'm too busy most days to look it up. I've covered awards shows enough to know that the only thing I'll be missing for not being there, is a sore shoulder and back from shooting for two or three hours straight.

Most of the other crews were done bleeding (or faxing) their lines. That's just photog speak for testing the cables.

I never try to imagine what it must feel like for the stars to walk on this side of the carpet. I've never attended anything like the Oscars outside of my job.

Maybe if my curiosity (or even envy) for how the rich and famous live were greater, I might want to push myself to have or "be" more than I am.

I'm sure my wife and kids would appreciate it. I don't suffer from a lack of ambition. I'm just extremely lucky to have the things in life that I think are important.

I have a life that suits me (at least for now, I do). Somewhere down the line I might decide that I want to climb a mountain (speaking purely figuratively) or shoot for the stars.

In the meantime, I will be content. I like who I'm turning out to "be".

There's a chance a celebrity might find my life interesting, but I come up short on the rich and the famous. Being a man of modest ambitions I just have to say, that's okay.

Living and breathing and being me is still all the award I'll ever need.


Michelle said...

Bryan, you are a million times richer in other ways :)

Michelle said...
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Terri said...

That line of traffic looks all too familiar. I lived in Big Rock, right over Moonshadows, for 17 years. I am almost an acquintance of that rock. There are many things I miss about living in Malibu but slides aren't one of them. Once I caught in town and couldn't get home. Had to go all the way around...Malibu Cny to the 101 to the 405 to the 10...etc. Gah, that sucked big time!

Terri said...

btw, Your thoughts today were especially interesting to me, as after watching the awards last night I had some very similar thoughts today. Even got me thinking about going back to school and changing careers, etc. I thought for a split moment, could I even restart an acting career at 51! (I did a little bit years ago) But, I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam. Well, at least until I become something else.

English Professor said...

Interesting pictures, and a great post. You sound like you've got your priorities straight. Personally, I can't imagine living a life that sanctioned (required?) wearing a dress cut down past my a** for the world to see, but maybe that's just me.

Terri said...

I was sitting here mindlessly and your post came into my head and I thought what else, who else could you be, than, be Frank, beFrank?

beFrank said...

Michelle - We all are. Most just don't realize it.

Terri - I get the bug to perform every now and then. It might be something that I would pursue at my leisure, but there are so many more people who seem to need that type of success more than me. It seems like fame is an addiction to some people and I generally just say, no.

English Professor - I agree on the dress thing. I tend to save that for in private. hee-hee.

Terri - All I can "be" is "Frank". That's plenty for me.