Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another colorful day

I've started this post every night since Wednesday. Every night I've fallen asleep in my chair.

I'm falling way behind, but since I'm on a new kick of accepting little or no personal responsibility for my actions, I'm going to blame my job. If only they would send me on assignments that are conveniently close to the station. Good lord, don't get me started on the five day work week and what's up with those eight hour shifts? Man, this working for a living is just getting in the way.

Meanwhile, back in reality, I spent some time on Pacific Coast Highway this week.

You might have heard about the big boulder that was menacing the poor oceanfront homeowners in Malibu. The "boulder of unusual size" was perched precariously over PCH and I did not get one picture of it that night.

The reason I didn't get a still shot? We blew right past the boulder because we'd gotten called off for a breaker. Our assignment desk was pulling us from the boulder story.

We were now heading for a horse rescue going on in the Malibu hills. I'd like to say that it was an exciting story, but I can't. The horse rescue story was done by the time we got there and the owners didn't feel like being bothered to give an interview. There was nothing to shoot, but the station had our helicopter over the rescue.

While we drove out of the hills to a good liveshot location, the station was sending out to us the aerial footage.

We put the story together and went on TV. I got back to the station after midnight and mad it home a little before 1:00am. I kissed my sleeping wife and tried to blog. It didn't work out too well. I nodded off.

I had fun trying to make it to the scene of the horse rescue. That's the excitment of working in news. We didn't make it, but I have to admit, we tried. Even with all the support from the station, we didn't have a chance. We were too far from the story when it broke. We tried.

What I wrote earlier about personal responsibility? I was really just kidding. It's just that on the subject of missing the horse story, I don't think it was our fault.


emily said...

Rescuing an animal is a popular topic on news shows, I've noticed. That is ironic that it was over before you got there. It's not like the horse was Michael Jackson or something! Are you going to be at the Oscars? I grew up in LA but am now in small town Montana and will not even be able to watch the Oscars on my own tv, which only gets 2 channels. So that's my irony for the day. . .

Ruby in Paradise said...

Wild horses couldn't keep you you said, it was fun trying. heehee! : ) Get some rest, the blogger world will always be here for you.