Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's like riding a bicycle

That sinking feeling I had yesterday was just empathy for the homeowners in the story I covered in Culver City.

The recent rains weakened a hillside and the walls have come tumbling down (dang, I can't get that song out of my head).

I had to put on my game face because it's been weeks since I last shot a story. I've been busy with SAT truck stuff for over a month. I'm glad to be on the streets again. I like the diversity in my job, but I enjoy being a news photog and there's nothing like shooting and crashing a package.

Hey, "crashing a package" is news lingo for editing a story in a very limited amount of time. That wasn't really the case last night. We had plenty of time to put the piece together, but I loves me some news lingo.


For a first night back in the saddle, it was pretty mellow. No breaking news, no long drive and only two liveshots. If it weren't for the terrible unfortunate circumstances of the people whose homes might come crashing down in an avalanche of devastation, I'd have felt completely great about last night.

I won't beat myself up for knowing I'm not going to lie awake worrying about other people's problems. Being realistic, the only people I'm 100% certain will care are the people who own one of the five homes affected.

It's a heavy concept, but I think we all have a reason to care about this story and stories like it. Watching the news should helps us maintain a level of connection with society. We provide information and we leave it up to the viewers to decide if they care. I guess I get the impression that people stop caring when they can't see the immediate connection to themselves.

I'm not proposing that you take up a cause or a collection for every story you see in the news. Just be aware while you're being informed. That "thing" happening to someone else? That could easily happen to me or you. I'd rather not shut myself off from others, because the whole, "no man is an island" thing is true. We live in a society and we should support the society we live in.

Sorry. I feel like I'm "crashing" a point to all this.

It's just something to think about the next time you reach for the remote.


Lenslinger said...

If you're half as chilled out and insightful in person as you are on this blog, well, we gotta hang out sometime. (Great shot of the grounded microphone.)

beFrank said...

Okay, you're on. I'll grab a six-pack and a plane ticket.

Insightful? I just like being grounded in reality.