Thursday, February 17, 2005

The old "call a press conference in the front". . .

. . .and sneak the celebrity out through the back trick.

Oh my gosh, and we fell for it. That's how Michael Jackson got out of the hospital yesterday. I don't think many (if any) cameras got it on tape. Another lovely day at the office.

I got in late (yaaaawn) last night. After the three+ hour drive from Santa Maria, I really needed to get some rest, so I'm posting later today than normal for me.

My good friend William "Buzz" Snyder emailed me and let me know that his day was off kilter without a new post this morning. I hope I can help get him back on kilter. My little web log has become a daily ritual/obsession/addiction for me too. I feel pretty off kilter myself when I don't get something posted.

It's not that big of a deal, but I never even got a chance to see Michael Jackson for myself yesterday. I feel cheated and it takes a bunch of the glamour out of what I do.

I was too busy shooting video of Jermaine and their dad when they left the hospital. No time to snap any digital still pictures. These things happen pretty quick and I can't risk missing anything. I did get a nice shot of how green everything was in the hills around Santa Maria.

I know, poor freaking substitute for a celebrity picture.

The picture below, I snapped moments before the 11:00am liveshot. The early morning crew didn't get a Jackson sighting either as far I know. He waved from the window of his room a couple of times. I jumped through hoops to get a dub of that footage to use, but it doesn't feel the same as if I had shot it myself.

I know the realities of what I do, but that's one thing I wish could be different. We have to use footage from a lot of different sources. It varies, but some days I'm cutting from my own footage and some days I'm cutting more from stringer, file, or footage from another one of our own photographers.

I shouldn't complain, I get paid the same either way (ka-ching). There's just a little extra boost to see a story come together from beginning to end based on the images I've shot.

While I'm on the subject of shooting, I'm getting the impression people are seeing me as a SAT truck driver and ONLY a SAT truck driver. To be fair, I have been spending a lot of time in the truck lately. I'm happy to be able to do that job. I'm proud of all my humble skills and talents (please, somebody ask me to juggle).

I'd prefer everybody just know that I'm a News Photographer. It's taken some hard work to build up the skill set that I have, but my first love in news is always going to be shooting the story. I love capturing those moments. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I'm a shooter, everything else has been hyphenated or slashed onto that.

I'm not worried that I might be mistaken for something I'm not. I'm just glad for the opportunity to "beFrank".

I'll try to stay on top of the blog updates. It's not just for me, the "kilter" of the world depends on it.


magz said...

i will never consider you anything but a true pro.. whether you wish to add the photo part in front of journalist.. or not.
you might actually marvel (or at least warm/fuzzy) over how often I laud yer talents.. and claim you as a 'personal friend o mine'

honored to be yer pal... magz

beFrank said...

magz - I am always humbled and appreciative of the cheerleading you've done for me. It is nice to feel that what we do as bloggers brings people a little closer. I always get real big warm/fuzzies every time I get a comment. It's even better when I've gotten to know the person through their own candid posts.

After seeing it a few times recently, I guess I just figured it might be better for people to know my actual job title. It'd be way too long of a list to actually write out everything I do.

Besides, everybody knows my official title is "Action Man".