Monday, February 14, 2005

Our Valentines Day Adventure

Action-Wife (Dellis) and I didn't have any big plans for Valentines day. Scooter was going to be visiting some friends from school and I thought it might be nice for us just to take a walk along the channel that leads into Marina Del Rey.

We've had the chance to spend time together recently, so it was just a nice day for not doing anything other than being together.

The sun played peek-a-boo from behind the clouds. Across the channel, the abandoned boats from a story I covered recently were still beached where I had last seen them.

Dellis (Action-Wife) helped me get some nice pictures by spotting birds gliding along the channel.

It was a beautiful day and we were having a great time just quietly being together.

It all came to a screeching halt when my cell phone rang.

It was the job calling.

Plans were changed at the last minute for the staging of the Grammy Party being held at Spago's Restaurant in Beverly Hills. A microwave liveshot had been planned, but the changes were making a microwave liveshot impossible. They needed a SAT truck and that meant they needed a SAT truck operator. They needed me. Could I come in?

There was a chance I wouldn't have to stay. A better microwave truck was being sent out and, uh. . .hey, you know what? I'm sorry, this story is starting to drag. I'm cutting it short.

We hopped in the car and drove from the beach to Hollywood. With the better truck, the crew at Spago's managed to get a microwave shot set up. I was free again for the evening and plus I still got paid for going in.

Action-Wife and I blew the unexpected windfall at a great ($$$) restaurant.

No moral here. I still didn't get any celebrity pictures from Grammy night. My wife and I just had a little adventure, a little romance, and a quiet evening sharing a bit of my average day at the office.

You can call it lucky or blessed depending on how spiritual you are. I'm thankful for the good in my life when my life is good. When it's not so good, I have faith that what's bad will pass.

I'm just happy to be here and to beFrank.

Happy Valentines Day !


Anonymous said...

Nice. That is a great story. You have a great and understanding woman. Nice still photos too. Blake in Memphis.

Michelle said...

Cool story...fantastic pics as always :)

beFrank said...

Blake - Thanks. I think she's pretty nifty myself.

michelle - You know, you're just encouraging me.

dellislove said...

It was a magical time . . . actually all of the moments we do get to spend together is so special. It's not hard at all to be understanding and accommodating when you're married to a man like Bryan. His outlook on life is refreshing, lighthearted and easygoing. It's actually contagious and I relish every moment in his presence. We feed each other's energy. Wouldn't life be grand if more people felt that way?