Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Snow kidding

The sky over downtown Los Angeles looked ugly on my way in on Monday. I knew it was bad out. All you had to do was look out the window to see that.

It got worse after I actually got into work. There was a possibility of snow up near Frasier Park. That's a major route for anyone coming or going out of Los Angeles County.

Everybody knows I'm always happy to run a SAT shot. I've just been getting a teensy bit antsy from getting way less shooting time than what I'm used to. Withdrawl is setting in. Plus it was cold. Snow? Nope, no snow here. Just rain and cold.

It's getting late and I'm sinking further. After driving in the rain and traffic to get to Frazier Park, the lack of snow got us bumped from both shows. I didn't even get to push buttons. I love pushing buttons.

After the sun went down, it was too dark to see if there might be a rainbow after the rains. No big story for me today. The world will just have to change itself. There's not much for me to do now, but go to bed. I'll get up in the morning and have breakfast with my wife. At some point I'll hop in my Jeep and drive back in to work again. Such a vicious cycle.

Maybe it'll stop raining and I'll get to shoot a story.

May"be" I need to stop trying to post while half asleep.


SidDawgone said...

Hello! I thought I'd come by for a long overdue visit. Did I ever tell you how weird and cool it is to see my same news but from behind the scenes? (I'm in Norco) Thank you for doing what you do, both professionally and here in blogland. By the way, how is Dellis after the tummy surgery? Well, please wish her well from Magz' sister Allison, and keep up the good work, I'll be watching!

beFrank said...

Thanks for stopping in. You're always welcome to visit. Dellis is doing very well and she hasn't had any regrets about the surgery. Me either (heh-heh).

Thanks for reading. I'll keep posting as long as nice folks like you and magz keep stopping by.

Michelle said...

send some rain down under pleaseeeeeeeee!!

Lisa said...

Check out my blog!

Invervegas said...

Nice sat truck pics... always like to see pics of "fancy" sat trucks seeing as in New Zealand they are a rarity, and our station is only rich enough to have a converted caravan for an OB unit!

beFrank said...

Invervegas - If they only gave me a camera and a micorphone, I'd still be out there wrangling the news. Thanks for dropping in.

Michelle - I'd send a bunch of rain your way. Not much fun for me to stand around in it doing liveshots.

Lisa - Okay.