Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Been there and done that

I got something cooking on the job that's keeping me pretty busy this week. Since I haven't had the time to snap new pictures, I decided to dip into the beFrank photo archives and share a few shots that I thought everyone might like.

As bad as things are on the Jackson trial right now, it was worse last year when we were still staking out the road outside the gates of his Neverland Ranch.

Sorry about the blood, but this is the ugly part of my job. It's not the part that people see on TV and this isn't even the worst I've ever seen. A drive-by shooting on a Sunday Morning a year or so back. I don't know if anyone was ever brought to justice on this case. There's not much I can do.

I just move on.

They tell me this is Orlando Bloom. I snapped his picture at the "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" premiere in Westwood, California. Most of the stars were there, but this is the shot that got the most attention when I showed the photos.

About two years ago, the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas revamped their sign and changed their outdoor show. I helped cover the media preview.

We get bashed pretty often for sometimes covering these events. As a very serious news photographer who has to cover these bloody crime scenes, I'm shocked and outraged at. . .aw, heck. I can't even type it with a straight face. I went to Vegas for two days. Was it fun? Yeah.

Would I go again? What am I, crazy?

This is the view near the Salt Lake City home of Elizabeth Smart. Remember her? The little girl kidnapped by a nutcase, but found over a year later. I like the fact that I get to travel all over the place for my job. That's the best part.

The downside is that I travel all over the place. Mostly to places where tragedy has happened.

The picture above was taken in Texas a couple of days after the Columbia Shuttle crash. Every story I cover isn't Vegas. For me to maintain any kind of positive mental state, every now and then I need to cover a story that's just for fun. . .

. . .or features the occasional interview with a celebrity like Christina Aguilera. . .

. . .it's fun to cover these stories, but I like to think I know where to draw the line.

It's just that when I go out looking for the truth, the biggest truth for me is that I cover whatever it is that I'm assigned to cover.

Okay, this was gratuitous, but it was sweeps and darn, I've forgotten where I was going with this post. Now is probably a good time to wrap it up.

I've got an early call tomorrow and it's not for a shoot with anyone interesting or a trip to anywhere exciting. At least it's not at this point. By the time I get to work, my story may have changed.

That's really what makes it exciting for me. No matter where you are tomorrow, just beSafe and beCareful. I'd hate to miss a trip to Vegas because of a tragedy.


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