Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Mardi Gras, Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, and Spring Break all rolled into one. Not every day and not round the clock, but a little bit of each at different times.

That's what my life in Santa Maria is like these days. Don't get me wrong, I like covering big court cases. Honestly though, I have to admit even with the best sideshow attraction, my attention span has never been my best trait.

We had Jackson fans on the other side of the fence, but the number of fans was quite a bit less than the first days of the trial. They'll probably bus a bunch in for the final days.

I just don't get how they can show up at all. Let alone bring their kids out for this. The adults I've talked to seem fairly sane. The younger fans, I stopped trying to converse with them. They have their minds made up and won't even look at Michael Jackson with anything other than adoring eyes.

Many of the smallest kids, if they care, just seem to want to be seen on TV.

I didn't want to bother him, but Gary Coleman (Whatchu' talkin' 'bout, Willis?) was there doing a piece (bit) for Comedy Central. That adds an even more surreal quality to the proceedings.

Our liveshot location got switched over to the CBS Newspath trailer/studio. Newspath is the CBS Network satellite news service.

Doing our liveshots through Newspath makes it easier in the evening for us, but it doesn't make the day any shorter. We had a long break between liveshots last night and managed to get a proper meal break. Red Lobster, in case you were wondering.

Unless something interesting happens, I leave tomorrow. It'll be nice if I can get put on something else and I can stay home for a couple of weeks. It's getting to be big gardening season and my yard is a mess after the all the rain we had.

For the closing arguments and the verdict, I'd come up if they need me. I just wouldn't shed a tear if they sent a different clown to this particular media circus.


Michelle said...

omg..i am sooooooooo excited, blogger let me comment! Pooh...no i forgot whati wanted to say :(

umm...loved the pics below, importat to chill with your friends.
To be honest, i really haven't been keeping track of wacko jacko this time round, i think one gets to a point where it becomes ridicuolous. No matter what the verdict, i still believe what i believe....where there is smoke....fire.

Weaver said...

A reporter that recently left my and Lenslinger's station and is now at FoxNews was out there today (or yesterday maybe). They did a story on all the fans that are there on a daily basis. Looked like they shot part of it with a 'handycam' and and used the 'handycam' for cutaways. If you see Erik Liljregren (sp?) tell him Weaver and Pittman from GHP said 'HI!'. Keep up the great posts and pix!!!