Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The jury is still out? Why?

Might as well start with the money shot. Look at who I happened to run into while at work in Santa Maria yesterday.

You know what I couldn't get out of my head the whole time, as corny as it sounds? Whoop, there he is!

It was a great day for me to sneak into the still photo area and take a few still shots (I wasn't the only one. Hi, Sandra!). My station had our reporter going live through CBS Newspath again. So, all I had to do all day was record the pool feeds and just help make sure everything ran smoothly. We only had one video camera and it was in the capable hands of another one of our photogs.

I had the perfect opportunity to get a front row seat when Jackson and his entourage left the courthouse.

As jaded as I am when it comes to celebrities, it was pretty interesting. I got to see things that I hadn't seen before.

Like the picnic basket guy.

Once Jackson enters the court building, it's my understanding that he rarely (if ever) leaves. Every day there's a picnic basket brought in for his meals. This is the guy who brought it in yesterday. I don't know if he's the regular picnic basket guy or if the staff rotates doing it.

That's got to be a hell of a thing for your resume.

We got the signal that Jackson was coming out of the building by a wave of the hat from this gentleman. I'm under the impression that this hat wave has become standard procedure. It's interesting how all this is now part of the daily routine.

Getting pictures of the walk to the car (I've probably seen it a dozen times on video) actually made me just a little bit nervous. I had the kind of butterflies in my stomach that I used to get when I was concerned about possibly missing a shot. I haven't had THAT feeling in a while.

It made me laugh after it was over. Shucks, I wouldn't have been anxious at all if I were shooting video. It was probably more to do with not wanting to disappoint my blogging friends.

That's part of the nature of those one-in-a-million/once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.

If you miss one, you can try again on the next one.

By the way, I also hear there's no "cure" for being a pedophile. Gee, if Michael Jackson isn't convicted this time (I have to remember, that's innocent until proven guilty), I can probably get a shot of him at his next trial.

Everybody help me remember. Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

Now smile. . .oh, and say, cheese.


Lenslinger said...

beFrank, you've outdone even yourself! Your jaw-dropping images and exclusive insights make you the coolest blogging photog I know - and I know about a dozen...At any rate, I'm lowering my lens towards the West, in honor of your powers...

dkgoodman said...

Heya, B. Did you cover the Robert Blake release today? I'm pretty sure I saw you for an instant on KPIX up here, videocam on your shoulder.

magz said...

YES! nailed it, PERFECT! TY, my friend