Sunday, March 13, 2005

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?


I see myself as being just your average blue collar, beer drinking kind of guy. To be honest, it's been quite a number of years since a Sunday morning hangover has been a part of my life.

I enjoy a good beer, but I try not to drink when I know I have to work. (That's more of a guideline than a rule.) Since I'm working pretty much most of the time, I don't drink a lot.

On Saturday, Dellis had a conference to attend and Scooter was off to her school's senior retreat. With nothing to do and a lot of time on my hands, I got together with some friends that I've known since college (heck, one of them since grade school).

Not all of us are drinkers, but we all enjoy a good laugh.

We get together every year or so and catch up on each other's lives. We try not to do anything illegal or incriminating (sorry, Curtis) and mainly just drink a few beers and share a good meal.

We did exactly what we intended to do. We hung out, laughed, and enjoyed the day. The two guys in the first picture and I went out to The Comedy Store on Sunset. We hadn't done that in about twenty years.

It was just a good time with friends. None of us were trying to get away from anything. We weren't trying to relive glory days of the past. The idea of just hanging together and laughing with friends I don't often get to see was enough.

There's plenty of people in the world who might need more. It seems like it's always a part of the stories that I cover that someone wanted more. For pleasure or profit, the greed that drives much of the harm that's done in our world might be avoided if it was okay to want a little bit less. Even better, to just be happy with what you have.

I think people might look down on what I felt was a good time. That's okay. Go right ahead and enjoy your life however you want. While you're doing your thing, I'm happy to sit here and smile to myself about the hangover that's keeping me company and a group of average guys who are doing no harm.


Ruby in Paradise said...

Friends...old friends, are just so nice to have! Sounds like some great *male bonding* time.

beFrank said...

Male bonding? Not us. We're too manly for that kind of thing.