Friday, March 11, 2005

What you don't see

You probably don't think about it, but pretty often as you sit watching whatever guilty pleasure is currently striking your fancy (I'm a "Lost" man myself), we're working to put the news on TV.

Wednesday this week, I was sent up to Santa Maria to cover the Michael Jackson trial. We expected to get there early in the evening, set up for the next morning, and break for a nice per diem funded meal. Well, that didn't happen. We got a breaker and had to drive through a pretty foggy evening to Santa Barbara.

The breaking news was the capture of Jesse James Hollywood. I actually blogged about an interview I shot with the mother of the young man Jesse is accused of having killed.

Let's see if I can get the link to behave.

The post: Don't-even-try-to-imagine-the-pain is back from in November. I could (and may) do another whole post about how we often don't get to see how stories we cover turn out.

I wanted to stay on this story, but that wasn't going to happen.

We do one LIVE shot and drive back through even thicker fog to Santa Maria. The night is not quite over. I still have to put the SAT truck back into position at the Michael Jackson court location. It's late and I crash at the hotel.

The mini-drama of him not showing up on time Thursday morning gets me out of bed early and on the clock. I didn't mind the early call, it just made for a really long day.

For all the running around, the trip was pretty uneventful. I got back into town late last night. My stomach was in an unforgiving mood, because it was McDonalds on the road for dinner. Sorry, I didn't realize that I hadn't really eaten all day.

My only thought as I pulled onto the lot was of getting home, but wait, somebody was parked in the SAT truck parking space. More delays as I had to track that person down.

The day just seemed to get longer the closer I got to the end.

Before I finally left the station, I found that the Operations Manager had jotted me a note and left it in my mailbox. I think a few people had mentioned to him how hard I had been hustling this week to put the news on TV. That was a nice pat on the back to get at the end of a long day.

My back and every muscle in my body was sore and screaming at me as I drove home from the station.

Dellis had candles lit and a sexy greeting waiting for me. Five steps into my house, I dropped my bags and collapsed on the floor. I asked for a blanket and a funnel of beer. No doubt about it, the week had just caught up with me. I skipped the beer and after a backrub, I'd recuperated enough to make it upstairs.

This week has gone by quickly, but I'm feeling every waking minute of it still and that's putting me into a bit of a rambling mood. I'm glad they caught Jesse James Hollywood. I wish the world was less interested in Michael Jackson. Please don't park in the SAT truck parking space. Dellis, you looked great (I want that greeting every night). The next time you're watching a one minute and thirty second news story, you can "be" sure there are times that more has gone into it than you might imagine.


ASantana said...

Dellis, You GO GIRL!!!! YOU Get your man, that's right. You know how we do it.

Michelle said...

Don't forget your PJ's!!

beFrank said...

asantana - I wish I was awake for whatever happened next. I'm sure it was mind blowing.

michelle - I have to go back to Santa Maria tomorrow. I am soooooo bored with this story. Wake me when they reach a verdict.

Terri said...

I wonder if the rest of the country is as obsessed with M. Jackson as S. California. Here on Thursday they interrupted regular programming when MJ was late for court. It was OJ all over following the van, the drama...and then the next day was all again about MJ and not the testimony. I'm sick to death of him and "it."

I'm so glad they caught JJ Hollywood. That was a dispicable crime and I hope he's locked up forever.

I saw a channel 7 ABC SAT truck in front of my office the other day. Never figured out what the heck they were doing there. I did see them put the satellite up so it appeared they were broadcasting something. Don't know what was going on in Camarillo.

Dellis, you totally rock. I hope my husband does not read or hear of this post.. You might be setting a bad example for the rest of us! (just kidding) But, you sure are raising the bar!

Rick in SMX said...

I live in Santa Maria and drive past the courthouse pretty much every day. I don't envy you guys in Camp Jackson...long days setting up for pretty meager stuff. I went to one court session. There was more excitement generated by the Press Corp and all the tech stuff happening in "SAT Row." I'd rather see that again than go to another court session.

Are you also surprised by the low number of people that now hang out in front of the court barriers? It's certainly not like the first few MJ appearance days. Looks pretty dead most days.

Ruby in Paradise said...

befrank, what story are you betalking about? heehee...the whole thing is just CRAZY. Dellis--you go girl! =)

beFrank said...

tw - Yep. i just don't know who's crazier. Me for running up there each week or Jackson. At least I get paid to "be" there.