Thursday, March 17, 2005

Where's Arnold?

There were a lot of people on the street in front of the Century Plaza hotel in Century City yesterday. Our Governor the Barbarian was inside at a $5,000.00 a plate fundraising dinner. Outside we had half a block full of protestors.

A lot of the public employee unions aren't too happy with the guy they helped put in office. Seems the Governor thinks unions are special interest groups.

Covering a protest is like shooting fish in a barrel.

There's plenty of sound and visually interesting things to shoot. I could almost put the camera on the tripod and lock it down while they marched past and come up with a minute and a half package. I'm glad I didn't do that. We ended up cutting a three minute package for our 9:28 liveshot. That wasn't too stressful. Our political reporter is a class act who knows how to get the job done. The re-cut for 10:00 put a little more pressure on us, but the final 11:00 re-cut was a breeze.

People who do this for a living might appreciate the time frame more, but everyone else should just know that this is where I earn my money. I believe the karmic tab for the Jackson photos was paid in full.

We never got to see the Governator in person last night. We made it inside the lobby and hotel security was very nice about it, but they gave us the boot. No media allowed inside, no video shooting on the property.

I had a small bag of popcorn, trail-mix, and water for dinner. It only cost me about $7.00 in the hotel gift shop. I don't know what the people who paid $4,993.00 more got. It's hard for me to imagine any meal that could be worth that much. Unless they had chocolate cake for dessert. I like chocolate cake. For that much, they better have gotten a scoop of vanilla ice-cream too.


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dkgoodman said...

What happened to the pic of the fountain? That was my favorite. Great shot. Looked like a fast exposure, too, amazing in the low light.