Wednesday, June 29, 2005

People in pain.

Oww! I pulled a back muscle yesterday or maybe the day before (damn you Tom Cruise!) and I'm suffering for it today. It's a real occupational hazard for photogs and I've been laid up and medicated once or twice for the same type of muscle pain. This one isn't that serious, but I'm going to take it really easy because I could make it worse.

It kind of helps that the Starbucks around the corner finally opened last week. Dellis and I stopped in with a handful of reading material and got a couple of cool drinks. We also split a muffin.

Okay, I ate most of the muffin and she nibbled at a piece of it.

Yesterday for work, I was in the Santa Clarita area covering the results of an LA Board of Supervisors decision to close a loophole that allowed registered sex offenders access to public housing. Yeah, it's more complicated than I want to go into. We talked to some of the residents of an apartment complex where a sex offender has been living. Most of them want him out. Some were sympathetic, but still thought he shouldn't be living so near parks and schools.

One older woman called him a "stinker" and suggested he be castrated.

One younger woman we talked to changed her mind about being on camera and asked us not to use her interview. She became worried that she might be recognized and the man on trial for raping her (or people he knows) might be able to track her down and do her more harm.

I think it's about two hundred yards from my front door to the Starbucks around the corner. I'm going to make my way over there as best I can and have a cup of coffee and read. Not much happened yesterday at work, but maybe I should just admit that I'm a little in denial. I guess when I look back at it all, I feel some guilt for complaining about my back.

With everything other people were dealing with, I should be thankful that a little back pain is the worst that's happening to me.

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