Thursday, June 30, 2005

Short turnaround.

Hang on, because I'm already behind schedule this morning and I have to do this fast.

Yesterday I had a dog of a story. Not because the story was bad in itself. It's just that it was a long way from home (big tanker truck fire on Interstate 5) and was going to be over long before I got there.

If I had gotten there to see it, I would have had shots of great big columns of flame and black plumes of smoke and long lines of traffic. A lot of very cool stuff.

Like I said, it was over before we got there.

So we did the liveshot closer to home where the traffic had been the heaviest and got a free sample from Starbucks of their new Java Chip ice cream.

Now it's morning and I have to go right back in because I volunteered to help with the setup of the new mayor's festivities over the next couple of days.

Long strange hours ahead. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.
It's not looking good so far.


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