Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The long flight home.

Operation: Mai Tai is in full effect. All objectives have been reached, but overconfidence at this stage is very likely to cause me a lot of trouble down the line.

The toughest part of the trip is coming up fast on the radar. We have to actually get on the plane after saying goodbye. I've done all I can up until now. I can only hope our long drive around the island yesterday and the romantic dinner last night has had enough of calming effect on my lovely wife.

We're heading over to the school this morning. Chances are it's going to be a tearful time and I don't think I can say enough in what I'm writing to do the event justice. It's really mindblowing.

There's so many changes for us after we get home and there's so much of a difference in saying goodbye this time. It's our youngest child and she was the last child at home.

I keep telling Dellis that at least she still has me. That just seems to make her cry harder.

All I can say is that I think we've done the best we could. The time for second guessing the paths we could have taken is done.

I admit that I have plenty of sadness over the prospect of not having our youngest daughter with us, but I'm pretty damn thrilled to see her take those big steps towards building a life for herself.

Yay, Camia!

This is her dorm for the coming semester and it may not be the Hilton Hawaiian Villiage (that's where we're staying), I'm still a little envious.

We'll have to find what comfort we can. My wife and I will muddle through and find our own road in this stage of our life.

It's just good to know that even in this big scary world, we can always find some things to comfort us and remind us of home.

Good luck, Camia. You know where to find us if you need us, but just find us every now and then even when you don't need us.

We miss you too.

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