Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ring, ring!

I got the call around 10:00am on Friday. Start an hour early at 1:00pm and head over to the LA Airport Hilton for a press conference.

Sketchy details, but Michelle Kwan was going through her trials to secure her spot for the Winter Olympics. This presser was where they announced the results.

I was eager to do the shoot, it was Friday and you know how slow my month has been.

Turns out, I was lucky to have gotten there early. Instead of running cable for a whole block, I only had to run it for half a block.

Also, there was an incident on the 405 that I believe involved a suicide or attempted suicide. That screwed up the normally pleasant Los Angeles traffic situation (ha-ha, sarcasm).

The photogs coming out to help me were on their way. With the traffic problems, I wasn't going to hold my breath.

Tell Oprah, I could write a book on all the little details of what we go through to put any given event on TV. Some of it might actually be interesting (but I swear, it's all true).

I'll try to keep it simple.

I walked my tripod in and secured a spot in the room where the press conference was being held. Popped the mast and linked in the microwave signal. Since I was good to go on getting the shot out, I put on my gloves and ran the cable from my truck, down the alley, through the doors, up a short flight of stairs, down a hall, through another set of doors, into the room, and finished the drop at the location where I had set up my sticks.


I taped down the cable in the places it posed a potential risk. The heavy lifting was done by the time the calvalry arrived.

The other photogs weren't surprised I'd gone ahead and gotten the job done. They'd have been just as happy to help, but I know they would have done the same in my shoes. It's always better just to get the job done.

The nuts and bolts might be a little bit interesting, but I know the real attraction in this post is the brush with celebrity. Michelle Kwan came out after the official announcement was made that she'd succeeded in making the team.

She answered questions for about fifteen minutes and we were live on the web the whole time. I was running camera, but managed to snap a couple of pictures from the back of the room.

There's no good or bad that goes along with a press conference like this. Nothing controversial that might require soul searching or Flying Dog therapy later. She seems like a nice person and I'm happy her investment in working hard is paying off.

There's always a lot going on in the world and sometimes people are critical of the news media for choosing to cover something like this rather than a story that shines a light on pain and suffering or corruption and injustice.

I think it's the rare person who dedicates their entire life to helping others. By all means, I think everyone should do all they can when the opportunities are there to help someone else, but I don't believe there's supposed to be a final solution to the problems of the world. There is no perfection, just a constant struggle to make things better.

In the course of this, life should be enjoyed. I think athletes, performers, anyone and anything that brings happiness into the world should be appreciated.

Everybody has their own opinions and you're welcome to share yours here. I just think every story doesn't have to have crime tape and a coroner's van to be important or worthwhile.

Come on, how about one more shot of Michelle Kwan. I think she brightens our day and inspires a lot of people.

By the way, anyone know how that possible suicide on the 405 turned out?


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